Top-notch Blackjack in Las Vegas in 2023

3:2 High Limit Blackjack at Circa Casino

During our summer survey in Las Vegas in 2023, we discovered that high-limit blackjack players are experiencing great value, while those who prefer low-limit games are facing a decline in quality options. If you're a fan of blackjack and enjoy placing higher bets, Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the best markets for you. With a multitude of casinos and gaming establishments, the city offers an array of exceptional blackjack games catering to high-stakes players. Our survey allowed us to identify some of the top-notch blackjack games available in Las Vegas, showcasing the city's commitment to providing an outstanding gambling experience. subscriptions can now be accessed on Gumroad and Patreon, offering equally valuable content on both platforms.

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Play double-deck blackjack with the dealer hitting on soft 17.

I have found that the most favorable blackjack game in Las Vegas is the variant played with a double deck of cards, where the dealer must stand on a soft 17. Interestingly, this particular game can only be found on the renowned Las Vegas Strip, with the exception of one casino located just west of it. If you're looking to try your luck at this optimal version of blackjack, you can find it at the following casinos. It is worth noting that the minimum bet for this game is typically consistent throughout most hours of the day, as one would expect.

Mirage was included in the previous edition of this list. However, the game has been taken off by the new proprietors.

Play six-deck blackjack with the dealer hitting on soft 17.

In the realm of top-notch Las Vegas blackjack, the runner-up position is occupied by the six-deck tables that operate under the rule of standing on soft 17, in addition to granting players the liberty of surrendering and re-splitting aces. This particular variant of the game boasts a significantly wider presence compared to the aforementioned double-deck option. It can be found gracing both the iconic Las Vegas Strip as well as the more localized gambling scene.

A variant of blackjack played with six decks where the dealer must hit soft 17 and players have the option to surrender and re-split aces.





  • Bellagio
  • MGM Grand

A variation of the popular card game blackjack is available, featuring a six-deck setup where the dealer must stand on a soft 17 and players have the option to surrender. Additionally, the rule prohibits re-splitting aces.

Caesars Entertainment operates all of the listed casinos, offering players the option to surrender and allowing a single split for Aces.



  • Cromwell
  • Rio ( must request, may need reservations)

El Cortez blackjack game with only one deck of cards.

El Cortez is the exclusive Las Vegas casino offering a 3/2 single-deck blackjack game, and it appears that the current minimum bet is consistently $15. However, during off-peak times, you might come across it for a more affordable $10.

3/2 Double Up Blackjack

In terms of the house advantage, Binion's and Four Queens have struck a lucrative deal with their Double Up Blackjack variant. This particular game boasts a remarkable advantage of 0.32%, as confirmed by the trusted Wizard of Odds. Moreover, what makes this variant even more enticing is its affordable minimum bet of just $10.

In Double Up Blackjack, players have the advantage of being able to double their bet and maintain their position. However, there is a trade-off: the dealer, on the other hand, stands on 16 and pushes if a player has a total of 17, 18, 19, or 20. Another important factor to consider is that the dealer hits on a soft 17. This adds an intriguing element to the game, as players must strategically decide when to double down and when to stand, taking into account the dealer's standing and hitting rules. It creates an exciting dynamic where players can potentially maximize their winnings or face the risk of losing more if they're not careful.

Please take note that multiple Caesars casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip offer a variant of Blackjack called Double Up Blackjack. The payout ratio for this game is 6/5.

Blackjack game with the option to split aces twice.

In the Las Vegas market, there are six casinos offering a unique double-deck game that presents an intriguing twist. This game not only allows aces to be re-split into four separate hands but also features a soft 17 rule. Silverton offers this game at a minimum bet of $15, making it an affordable option for those seeking a thrilling gambling experience. On the other hand, the prestigious Westgate casino deals this game with minimum bets of either $25 or $50, catering to both moderate and high-stakes players. Meanwhile, M Resort raises the bar with a minimum bet of $50, attracting players who are willing to take bigger risks for potentially greater rewards. For the most discerning gamblers, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, and Red Rock casinos offer this enticing game but with a hefty minimum bet of $100. Whether you're a casual player or a high-roller, the Las Vegas market has a variety of options to suit your gambling preferences.

In July 2020, the practice of standing on soft 17 at this game was discontinued at M Resort.

Poker Palace takes a gamble by doubling down on either two or three cards.

Located in North Las Vegas, Poker Palace offers a unique blackjack experience with its 3/2 blackjack game featuring a minimum bet of just $3. This game stands out from the rest in the Las Vegas market due to its special double down rule. Unlike other traditional blackjack games, players at Poker Palace have the opportunity to double down on two or three cards both before and after splitting. Adding to the excitement, the game is played with six decks, ensuring a challenging and dynamic gaming experience for all players. So, if you're looking for a traditional blackjack game with a twist, Poker Palace is the place to be in North Las Vegas.

Enhance your blackjack experience with the exciting feature of double down before and after splitting in an engaging double-deck game.

In the local casino scene, you can find a popular variation of blackjack known as double-deck blackjack. This particular version allows players to double down both before and after splitting their cards, which adds an exciting twist to the game. What's interesting is that this variant also hits soft 17, which means the dealer must take another card when their hand totals 17 with an ace counted as 11. This rule can greatly affect the outcome of the game and adds an extra layer of strategy for players. When it comes to the betting limits, you'll find that most Boyd and Station locals casinos offer this game for either $10 or $15 per hand. For those seeking lower stakes, Jerry's Nugget and Cannery casinos deal this game for just $5 or $10. If you're willing to wager a bit more, South Point, Rampart, and El Cortez offer this variant for $10 per hand. However, if you're looking for a higher roller experience, you can head to M Resort, Mohegan Sun, Plaza, Strat, Tropicana, or Westgate, where the minimum bet for double-deck blackjack is $25.

In downtown Las Vegas, you'll come across a multitude of high-limit rooms featuring this particular game. Some of the notable establishments include Circa, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, and The D. If you're looking for high-limit rooms within the MGM casino group that adhere to a different rule set and don't stand on soft 17, you're in luck as they offer this game as well. Additionally, you can find it at other renowned locations like Encore, Caesars Palace, Palazzo, Planet Hollywood, Resorts World, Venetian, and Wynn.