Best Places to Find $5 Blackjack Games in Las Vegas in 2023

South Point Table games

The country is experiencing the impact of inflation, and Las Vegas is not exempt from it. Nevertheless, there are still gambling establishments in the city where you can find $5 blackjack tables. Additionally, there are numerous casinos that offer a 3:2 payout for a dealt blackjack hand.

Certain tables offer minimum bets that are below $5, and out of these, three specifically provide a payout of even money when a blackjack hand is dealt.

Our summer 2023 newsletter provides valuable information about the games featured below. It's worth noting that all of these games have one thing in common: they hit soft 17. Additionally, players have the advantage of being able to double down both before and after splitting. However, it's important to be aware that availability may vary during peak hours, such as nights and weekends. While most $5 games are accessible, there may be exceptions during these busy periods. Stay informed with our latest updates and enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

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Downtown Grand

In downtown Las Vegas, there is just one casino that offers a genuine $5 blackjack game, and it goes by the name of Downtown Grand. The best part is that they pay out 3:2, making it even more enticing for players looking to test their luck. What sets Downtown Grand apart from the rest is that they allow you to surrender and re-split aces, giving you an edge in the game. You won't find these rules anywhere else in downtown Las Vegas. To ensure fair play, Downtown Grand employs a continuous shuffling machine to deal the cards, adding an extra layer of security and excitement to the game.

Downtown Grand offers an exciting $1 blackjack game with a payout of even money for blackjack.

From Monday to Thursday, the Downtown Grand table games warmly welcome players between 11am and 3am. As for weekends, the festivities start on Friday at 11am, continuing non-stop until the early hours of Monday morning. One of the highlights at this lively venue is the $5 craps game, which offers an impressive 10 times odds. It's worth noting that during peak hours, when the atmosphere reaches its peak, these $5 games may occasionally escalate to $10. So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the Downtown Grand promises thrilling table game action around the clock.

Google's $5 Blackjack with a Lucky Cat theme at Golden Nugget

Lucky Cat Blackjack rules at Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada

In downtown Las Vegas, there's a $5 blackjack game at the Golden Nugget. But let me tell you, it's got a lot of negative aspects that make it hands down the worst blackjack game I've ever come across.

I've been playing this interesting game called Lucky Cat Blackjack. It's quite unique because when the dealer gets a 22, instead of losing, they roll some dice and give players a chance at a longshot bonus. However, most of the time, it ends up being a push and no one wins or loses. Another aspect of this game is the payout for blackjack, which is only 6:5 instead of the standard 3:2. But here's the worst part - there's a mandatory $2 side bet that you have to make. As I crunched the numbers, I estimate that the house edge at the minimum bet is a staggering 8.95%. It's definitely not the most favorable game in terms of odds, but it does add an interesting twist to the classic game of blackjack.

When it comes to casino games, opting for the triple zero roulette table in the same area is a wiser choice than indulging in this carnival blackjack game, as it offers a reduced house edge and a more relaxed pace.

Las Vegas Strip offers blackjack games at the affordable price of $5.

You won't find any live $5 blackjack games on the renowned Las Vegas Strip, but fear not, for there are other options available. Instead, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of video or stadium blackjack, a popular alternative. Nevertheless, it's essential to note that these games usually offer less favorable payout odds of 6:5. However, there is one exception to this rule, and that is Treasure Island. This renowned establishment offers stadium blackjack with a more generous payout ratio of 3:2. What's even better is that during weekdays, you can place bets starting at just $1! However, keep in mind that during weekends, the minimum bet may rise slightly to $3, but it's still an excellent opportunity to enjoy this thrilling game.

Affordable $3 blackjack available exclusively in the Las Vegas locals market.

During the late afternoon and evening hours, the Poker Palace offers an intriguing blackjack experience. One option is their unique 3:2 blackjack game, which comes with a $3 buy-in and utilizes six decks. What sets this game apart is the ability for players to double down on two or three cards, both before and after splitting. For those seeking a different challenge, there is also a $2 double-deck blackjack game available. However, it is worth noting that this particular game pays out even money. So, whether you're a seasoned player looking to try something new or a beginner exploring the world of blackjack, the Poker Palace's diverse offerings are sure to provide an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Affordable $5 blackjack games available exclusively in the local Las Vegas market.

The majority of affordable blackjack games in Las Vegas can be found at casinos popular among locals, with the majority of tables offering a 3:2 payout ratio. While most games are priced at $5, there are a limited number of options available for less than $5.


In North Las Vegas, at the Cannery, there are three blackjack games available for a mere $5. The intriguing aspect is that each game follows a different payout structure. The single-deck game, for example, offers a 6:5 payout, while the double-deck and six-deck tables adhere to a 3:2 payout. What adds to the excitement is that in all the blackjack games at Cannery, players have the liberty to double down both before and after splitting their cards. This flexibility enhances the strategic possibilities and keeps the game engaging throughout.

Ellis Island

At Ellis Island, you'll find a single blackjack table with a $5 minimum bet and a 3:2 payout ratio. What makes it even more enticing is that players have the opportunity to re-split aces for up to four separate hands, a rule not commonly found elsewhere. It's worth noting that this particular table implements a continuous shuffling machine for efficient dealing. Moving up the stakes, Ellis Island also boasts several $10 blackjack tables that follow the traditional 3:2 payout ratio. These tables are dealt out of a shoe, adding a touch of classic casino ambiance to the gaming experience.

Jerry’s Nugget

In North Las Vegas, you can find a couple of $5 blackjack games at Jerry's Nugget. They offer two variations: one played with a double deck and another with a six-deck. The payout for both games is the standard 3:2, and they also follow the traditional rules for doubling down.

M Resort

During peak hours at the M Resort, there is a pit located near the Raiders restaurant, where you can find $5 blackjack tables adorned with the iconic Raiders logo. It's worth mentioning that the blackjack game at these tables follows a 6:5 payout ratio. Keep in mind that these tables are exclusively open during the bustling peak hours, adding to the excitement and availability for eager players.

Blackjack at M Resort
M Resort blackjack table


Skyline offers six-deck blackjack with a $5 3:2 payout, available during Thursday through Monday evenings.

South Point

A popular option at South Point is the $5 six-deck blackjack game, which follows the standard double down rules and pays out at 3:2.

The impact of the pandemic on $5 and lower Las Vegas blackjack and how it has evolved

In the Las Vegas market, the blackjack scene has transformed dramatically over the past year. Back in February 2020, a staggering number of 38 casinos offered the popular 3:2 blackjack variant with affordable minimum bets of $5 and below. However, the landscape has significantly shifted, and currently, only eight casinos maintain this particular blackjack configuration.

In the bustling era of yesteryear, a quartet of 3:2 blackjack games, all priced below $5, graced the gambling landscape. Remarkably, the sands of time have swept away all but one vestige of this once abundant offering—the exclusive six-deck game at Poker Palace, a solitary survivor in the vast expanse that is the Las Vegas market.