Pondering the Journey of Residing in Sin City for Nearly a Decade

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Eight years ago today, I skillfully maneuvered a massive 26-foot Uhaul truck into the driveway of my humble abode in Las Vegas. This impressive feat marked the end of a memorable journey that originated from a quaint little village known as Johnson Siding nestled amidst the picturesque South Dakota Black Hills. For approximately five years, my family and I immersed ourselves in the tranquility and beauty of this captivating community. However, destiny had other plans in store for us, leading us to embark on a new chapter in the vast expanse of suburban Atlanta.

I craved a fresh start, a new chapter in my life. As much as I cherished the serenity of dwelling amidst nature, surrounded by sprawling woods and friendly neighbors, it dawned on me that the seclusion of our small community, comprised of only 800 inhabitants, posed challenges when it came to bringing up a family. Our business district, modest though it was, encompassed a gas station, a bar, a storage facility, a church, a volunteer fire department, and a cozy six-room motel. However, anything beyond these essentials, such as schools, required a journey of over 10 miles.

Purchasing a home amidst the economic downturn posed significant challenges.

After a long and arduous search, my wife and I faced numerous challenges in our quest to find a suitable home in the bustling city of Las Vegas. Despite the favorable conditions for buyers in the real estate market, we soon discovered that the majority of the available houses were plagued with substantial issues. Vandalism, break-ins, and the presence of squatters had undoubtedly left their mark on the housing inventory. Determined to find a place we could call our own, we diligently examined approximately 30 different properties, only to find that a mere two of them were in a livable condition, free from the need for immediate repairs. Ultimately, we made the decision to settle on a lovely home situated in the desirable neighborhood of Summerlin.

Relocated to Las Vegas with the intention of launching a real-time poker platform.

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, beckoned us with its neon lights and promise of endless possibilities. Our decision to choose this vibrant city was primarily driven by the exciting opportunity that presented itself - a promising partnership with a company willing to collaborate on the development of a live poker site. Our vision was ambitious, to say the least. Our aim was to rival the well-established All Vegas Poker, which had later merged with Poker Atlas. It was a gamble we were willing to take, fully aware that online poker was still not legally recognized. But then again, this was Las Vegas, a place where risks were embraced, and dreams had a tendency to come true. Our ultimate objective was to launch the live poker site successfully and eventually utilize it as a platform to promote licensed Nevada poker sites.

At the time, Las Vegas boasted approximately 50 poker rooms, yet my knowledge of these establishments was sorely lacking. To my surprise, I soon discovered that the sheer number of venues exceeded my capacity to handle them all. Consequently, my partner and I reached a mutual agreement to graciously go our separate ways.

It turned out to be a hidden stroke of luck since Nevada's online poker scene was a major letdown. Out of the three poker sites that obtained licenses, two ended up flopping miserably. The lone survivor, unfortunately, is a complete disaster.

I made the choice to pursue a career in professional online poker. Throughout the years, I had intermittently engaged in this pursuit.

The plan was altered by the occurrence of Black Friday in the online poker industry.

When my family relocated to Las Vegas, it was evident that property crime rates were alarmingly high in the area. The local economy seemed to be in a state of disarray, exacerbating the situation. I vividly recall the incident that occurred on April 15, 2011, which involved an attempted break-in at my residence. Fortunately, my large and protective dogs managed to frighten off the intruder. As it turned out, I soon discovered that I was not alone in being targeted by these culprits. Indeed, our entire neighborhood had fallen victim to a group of audacious teenagers who were shamelessly going door-to-door, seeking opportunities for mischief and theft.

I witnessed a chaotic scene unfold in my neighborhood that left me in disbelief. It all started when a resident from down the street bravely confronted a potential criminal, brandishing their firearm to deter any wrongdoing. The commotion quickly escalated as multiple Metro Police cars suddenly zoomed through the usually calm streets, their sirens blaring and lights flashing in a frenzy. The sight of law enforcement vehicles racing past my house created an air of urgency and tension, as if something truly grave was happening. Amidst the chaos, a low-flying helicopter appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, hovering above the scene. It was clear that the authorities were sparing no effort to apprehend the culprits, utilizing every available resource at their disposal. The sheer intensity of the situation was enough to make anyone's heart race.

After the turmoil settled down, I hopped onto the internet and discovered that Black Friday was the infamous day when PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker were charged with serious legal accusations related to online poker. Luckily, my funds were only tied up in PokerStars, and I received my payment without any delays. Nevertheless, this unprecedented event prompted me to contemplate alternative avenues to generate income.

I've been involved with various writing projects for quite some time now. It all began when I started sharing my thoughts on Las Vegas and Black Friday on my previous blog. Little did I know, the owner of USPoker.com stumbled upon my writings and saw potential in my work. Since then, I've been collaborating with the company, consistently delivering quality content. As my passion for writing grew, I expanded my scope of work, taking on additional responsibilities. Alongside my contributions to USPoker.com, I'm currently involved in managing this website and juggling various freelance jobs.

The Riviera shutdown has been the most enjoyable experience for me since relocating to Las Vegas.

Last week, while covering the resorts in Las Vegas, I had the most exhilarating experience at the closure of Riviera. It was an absolute blast! Witnessing the workers' arduous efforts to remove the iconic 'Crazy Girls' statue was an unforgettable sight. I had the privilege of securing a prime spot, perched atop the sturdy support beam's five-foot pedestal.

The liquidation sale provided an intriguing experience, during which I captured numerous captivating photos. Exploring the hotel's remnants, reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic scene, was an absolute thrill.

I remember spending an entire night camped outside Riviera just to catch a glimpse of the Jason Bourne scene being shot there. Little did I know that the grand finale would involve witnessing the spectacular implosion of the iconic Monaco Tower. To ensure the best view possible, we had secured a hotel room at SpringHill Suites. From the vantage point of the parking deck, situated approximately 800 feet away from the impending implosion, we eagerly awaited the thrilling display.

Living in Las Vegas and bringing up a family can be a typical experience.

Las Vegas, often misunderstood as an unfavorable environment for raising children, carries a certain stigma. Undoubtedly, the city has its fair share of negative aspects. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that this is true of any major metropolitan area. The key, though, lies in effective parenting and the choices we make for our children.

My children were raised in scout programs, with my wife leading the way. Prior to the emergence of the Vegas Golden Knights, both of them were already involved in playing hockey.

I love Summerlin because it has so many activities that kids enjoy. In every neighborhood, you'll find a spacious park where children can have fun and stay entertained. It's important to be actively engaged with your kids in Summerlin, just as you would be in any other place, as it helps keep them away from mischief and trouble.

I am well aware of the financial struggles faced by our public schools, as my wife is a dedicated teacher in the Clark County School District. Witnessing firsthand the challenges she encounters on a daily basis, I can confidently say that her job is nothing short of demanding. The classrooms are packed with students beyond capacity, making it difficult for her to provide individualized attention. Additionally, the school building itself is in a state of disrepair, having served its purpose for over half a century. It is disheartening to see that the lack of adequate funding has resulted in a shortage of essential supplies. These narratives of hardship are all too common within the CCSD, highlighting the urgent need for improved financial support.

Adapting to the lifestyle of Las Vegas can pose challenges.

Living in Las Vegas is an experience that truly depends on your perspective and choices. It's not a city for everyone, as the constant energy and round-the-clock lifestyle can be overwhelming. Adapting to this 24-hour town took me some time and effort, but I managed to find my rhythm. Sadly, I've witnessed numerous individuals who were unable to handle the demands and ended up failing swiftly. The key is to remember that you can't live as if you're perpetually on vacation; being a resident demands a different mindset. Unfortunately, some people fail to grasp this crucial distinction before it's too late.

Las Vegas has become our home for longer than any other place we've resided. My wife and I are the kind of people who enjoy change, preferring to relocate every couple of years. We've searched high and low but haven't found a destination that surpasses the allure of Las Vegas, so we've extended our stay here.

Living in Las Vegas, my wife and I have grown accustomed to the abundance of dining and entertainment choices at our disposal. We truly make the most of these opportunities, relishing the fact that we can choose from a staggering array of 50 shows on any given Tuesday night. The availability of discounted or even complimentary show tickets adds an extra level of excitement to our experiences. Undoubtedly, this freedom of choice is one of the most appealing aspects of residing in this vibrant city.

For countless reasons, my husband and I have decided to make Las Vegas our home for the foreseeable future. The main factor driving this decision is my involvement in the Las Vegas tourism industry, which consumes the majority of my professional endeavors. It's hard to imagine successfully pursuing this career path if we resided elsewhere. Given the multitude of opportunities and connections available here, we have firmly resolved to plant our roots in this vibrant city for many years to come.

I strongly dislike the current climate conditions.

Living here, the weather is the absolute worst. From the end of May to mid-September, I simply cannot bear stepping foot outside during the day. Strangely enough, my wife adores the summer season in this place. It's mind-boggling to me how she can actually enjoy it, and I often tease her about her seemingly irrational enthusiasm for the scorching heat.

I have a fondness for rainy days, a rarity in our region. It's unfortunate that we lack a proper winter, with its occasional snowfall. Since our relocation, we've only experienced measurable snowfall twice. The initial occurrence took place in January 2011, and the most recent one happened in February 2015. In hopes of witnessing more snow in the near future, I'll conclude my thoughts by sharing some pictures from those memorable moments.

Don't hesitate to inquire about the experience of residing in Las Vegas

If you're curious about living in Las Vegas, don't hesitate to drop a comment with your inquiries – there are numerous misconceptions that deserve clarification.

On January 3, 2011, the parking deck of Red Rock Resort was blanketed in a layer of snow.

Snow falling at Desert Breeze with the iconic Las Vegas Strip in the backdrop, on January 3rd, 2011.

Snowfall in Downtown Summerlin on February 23rd, 2015.

Experience a rare phenomenon in Downtown Summerlin - snowfall on February 23, 2015.