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Flamingo poker

In September 2021, the poker room at The Flamingo shut down for good.

The poker room at Flamingo Casino resumed operations on July 2nd, 2020 following its temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Situated close to the southern entrance of the Las Vegas Strip, this facility boasts 11 tables for players to enjoy.

As of September 1, 2021, the operating hours of the Flamingo poker room vary based on the volume of business. It commences operations at 10am every day and concludes when the final game concludes.

At the Flamingo poker room, you'll find a variety of options to test your skills and luck. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of cash games or the thrill of tournaments, there's something for everyone. The room boasts a generous offering of eight seats for no limit cash games, ensuring that you'll have plenty of opportunities to go all-in and take home a big win. If you're more inclined towards limit cash games, fear not, as there are nine seats available to accommodate your strategic gameplay. And for those who prefer the exhilarating atmosphere of tournament tables, you'll be pleased to know that the poker room provides a spacious setup with ten seats, allowing you to compete against a larger field and showcase your poker prowess. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to improve your skills, the Flamingo poker room has the perfect game for you. Come join us and experience the excitement firsthand!

Experience the thrill of cash games at the renowned Flamingo poker room.

At Flamingo, the primary cash games revolve around Texas hold'em, offering both 1/2 no limit and 3/6 fixed limit variations. For the 1/2 no limit hold'em game, players can buy-in with amounts ranging from $100 to $500. Occasionally, you'll find a 1/2 pot limit Omaha game with a buy-in range of $100 to $300.

Flamingo poker tournaments

I'm happy to provide you with some information about the poker tournaments available at our establishment. We have a variety of tournaments that take place on a daily basis. You can join in at different times throughout the day, with start times scheduled for 10am, noon, 4pm, 8pm, and midnight. The buy-in for each tournament varies depending on the time of day. If you're looking to participate in the 10am or midnight tournaments, the buy-in is set at $60. For the noon tournament, the buy-in is slightly higher at $80. As for the remaining two tournaments, the buy-in is set at $100 each. In addition to the regular tournaments, the 4pm and 8pm tournaments also offer an exciting twist. These tournaments include a $25 bounty, which adds an element of thrill and competition to the game. No matter which tournament you choose to join, you'll start off with a stack of 20,000 chips. This provides a fair and equal starting point for all participants, allowing everyone to have a chance at the top prize. We hope you'll find our poker tournaments enjoyable and challenging. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, our tournaments provide a great opportunity to showcase your skills and compete against other poker enthusiasts.

Flamingo poker promotions

Flamingo has a variety of special offers available.

In this thrilling game, I'm thrilled to share with you the exciting bonuses and rules that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Let's start with the high hand bonus, where you can land yourself a cool $100 for four of a kind, an impressive $200 for a straight flush, and a whopping $500 for a royal flush. But that's not all! We also have a table share, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. To claim these bonuses, players must strategize and utilize both of their hole cards wisely. And here's the catch, when it comes to four of a kind hands, they must be formed with a pocket pair. So, get ready to dive into the world of thrilling poker and show off your skills to claim those enticing rewards!

As a helpful assistant, I can provide you with a unique passage that maintains the length and structure of the given excerpt. Here it is: At cash games during a specific timeframe, players can participate in freerolls that reward them with a certain number of hours. By simply qualifying and showing up, players are guaranteed a cash prize. Additionally, there is a satellite event for the World Series of Poker, offering a staggering $111,000. To enter this satellite, players must accumulate 75 hours of cash game action before September 26. The top 10 players from this event will earn a seat worth $10,000 for the WSO main event. Moreover, whenever players are engaged in a cash game with a Caesars Rewards card, they will also receive $1 an hour in comps.


The poker room at Flamingo is a cozy and relaxed spot. Situated near the Strip, it attracts some action from people passing by. Within the room, you'll find plenty of locals trying their luck during freeroll hours and promotions. It's a decent poker room that meets all the expectations of a player. In fact, several long-standing staff members have been part of the team for years.

Flamingo poker rake

The poker room at Flamingo Casino collects a 10% commission, capped at $5, from each game. Additionally, Texas Hold’em tables have a $2 jackpot contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Flamingo poker room

Does the Flamingo poker room operate non-stop for 24 hours every day?

Nope. It's shut down for good.

What types of poker games are available at Flamingo Las Vegas?

The primary games offered include 1/2 no limit and 3/6 fixed limit Texas Hold'em.

What is the total number of seats available at the poker tables in Flamingo?

At cash tables, a maximum of eight players can participate, with each table having no limits. However, fixed limit tables offer nine seats, while tournament tables accommodate ten players.

Are there any poker competitions happening at the Flamingo hotel and casino?

Indeed, a tournament takes place each day at 10am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, and midnight like clockwork.

Can you provide information on the Flamingo poker room's hourly compensation rate?

Guests who register with a Caesars Rewards card can accumulate $1 worth of complimentary items per hour.

Updated: September 1, 2021

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