Nevada eagerly awaits the launch of BetMGM Poker and Partypoker.

Based on the evidence presented in various reports from Pokerfuse over the past few months, I have become convinced that a launch of BetMGM and/or Partypoker in Nevada is imminent in 2022. The signs seem to point in that direction, leaving little room for doubt. With the growing popularity of online poker and the lucrative market in Nevada, it is only a matter of time before these platforms make their debut in the Silver State. The anticipation builds as poker enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of these renowned brands, ready to take their place in the vibrant and competitive poker scene of Nevada.

I believe that the introduction of BetMGM Poker and Partypoker in Nevada will have a beneficial impact on the state's online poker sector. Let me outline a few factors supporting this viewpoint. has unjustly exploited its exclusive control over online poker in Nevada.

Three poker websites were established in Nevada. Ultimate Poker was the first to launch in 2013, with joining later that year. Unfortunately, Ultimate Poker had to shut down in November 2014.

In February 2014, Real Gaming made its debut in the Nevada online poker scene. To my dismay, their online poker software was utterly abysmal, the likes of which I have never witnessed before. It would be an understatement to say that Real Gaming's presence in the Nevada online poker community was inconsequential, as they quietly withdrew from the market in 2016, effectively paving the way for a monopoly in the state.

There's no denying that has faced its fair share of issues. Right from the start, its software was lackluster and outdated. It's been almost ten years since its launch, and yet bugs like players mysteriously vanishing from waitlists still remain unresolved. The management and customer service, with their arrogant and inept approach, have only further disappointed poker players in Nevada. The product simply hasn't lived up to expectations, leaving a trail of unsatisfied customers in its wake.

As the exclusive licensed poker site in the United States to merge player pools across various states, has reaped significant advantages. The player pools of sites in Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey are intertwined, creating a vibrant and interactive online poker community. Remarkably, the online poker rooms in Delaware utilize the identical software as, albeit with branding that reflects the state's trio of casinos. The seamless integration of these player pools has fostered a dynamic and engaging environment for poker enthusiasts, enhancing the overall experience on

I'd like to share some fascinating information about and its operations in different states. While is already established in Michigan and Pennsylvania, it is interesting to note that these states utilize a distinct software platform. An exciting development occurred when Michigan recently entered into the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement. This significant step could potentially indicate that has plans to adopt the same modern software used in Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. However, this also presents an opportunity for operators of Michigan online poker rooms to enter the Nevada market. The dynamic nature of the online gaming industry never fails to intrigue me!

PokerStars, while being a prominent player in the Michigan market, unfortunately faces a hurdle in Nevada. The reason behind this lies in a provision within the state's legislation, known as the tainted assets clause, which specifically targets the intellectual property of online poker platforms that operated outside US borders after 2006. Consequently, PokerStars finds itself excluded from the Nevada scene. However, this circumstance paves the way for BetMGM and Partypoker to reap the benefits of an agreement that allows them to expand their presence in Nevada. Without this agreement, it would have been challenging, if not impossible, for these platforms to make significant headway in the interstate poker compact within the state.

The impact of BetMGM and Partypoker on Nevada's online poker scene.

Entering Nevada, BetMGM and Partypoker would disrupt the existing monopoly in the industry, which is generally detrimental to its growth. When a company faces no competition, it tends to become complacent and does not feel the need to make an effort in retaining customers. In such cases, they become the sole player in the market, leaving customers with limited options. However, the entry of BetMGM and Partypoker in Nevada would alter this scenario. It would introduce healthy competition and force the existing company to step up its game in order to retain customers. This shift would not only benefit the customers by providing them with more choices but also drive innovation and improvement within the industry as a whole.

When the day finally arrives, it appears that Nevada will witness the launch of both BetMGM and Partypoker. It's worth noting that both of these platforms hold valid licenses, ensuring a safe and regulated gambling experience. Assuming that Nevada adopts the same policy as other states, players will have the opportunity to benefit from first deposit bonuses on both sites. Interestingly, these bonuses can be cleared at an impressive 50% rakeback rate, which is sure to keep players engaged and entertained for several months. may have to step up their game and make significant changes to keep up with the BetMGM and Partypoker network. The competition will push them to improve their player engagement and address customer complaints rather than ignoring them and resorting to banning critics. Perhaps they will finally hire a management team that actively interacts with players and genuinely cares about their concerns. It's clear that in order to remain competitive, must work hard from the start, ensuring that their players feel valued and heard.

Before the 2022 World Series of Poker commences, it would be logical for BetMGM and Partypoker to make their debut, although there is no definitive information regarding the exact timing of their launch. The company's plans remain undisclosed, leaving us uncertain about their intentions and the potential timeframe for their release. Nonetheless, it seems reasonable to presume that they would want to establish a presence in the market prior to the prestigious poker event next year.

It is permissible to engage in online gambling within the state of Nevada, although its popularity may be questionable.

I have valuable information regarding the legality of online casinos in the United States. Among the seven states where online casinos are permitted, Nevada stands as a prominent player. Interestingly, this state has not yet introduced online casino games to the general public, except for a unique provision. Nevada allows online casino gaming exclusively on resort properties, provided that the provider is physically located within the premises. This means that operators like Cantor Gaming were able to offer their mobile casino games to customers, but solely within their sportsbook establishments during the last decade. On the other hand, Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia are the other states where online casinos have been given the green light.

In Nevada, where the gaming industry thrives, the possibility of a BetMGM online casino launching seems quite bleak to me. The state shows little inclination to embrace the expansion of casino games in its already booming gambling sector.