Las Vegas City Would Experience a Boost with NBA Concluding Season

For the past month, there have been swirling rumors suggesting that the NBA is contemplating the idea of finishing its season in the lively city of Las Vegas. During a recent earnings call, MGM Resorts explicitly mentioned engaging in talks with sports leagues, exploring the possibility of utilizing their exceptional venues for this very purpose. The speculation surrounding this potential collaboration has only continued to intensify as enthusiasts eagerly await any official announcements or updates from the NBA. With the allure and grandeur Las Vegas has to offer, it would undoubtedly be an intriguing setting to witness the conclusion of the NBA season.

The city would greatly benefit from the games, despite the absence of spectators.

Even after Governor Sisolak grants permission to reopen, some hotels will remain closed for an extended period. This presents an exceptional chance to ensure the safety and isolation of professional sports teams and media personnel.

When the resorts in Las Vegas can finally reopen, it won't come as a surprise to anyone that the famous Strip will be dotted with an abundance of vacant hotel rooms. It's common knowledge that there are 30 NBA teams, each boasting a 15-player roster, not to mention the additional coaches and support staff. If you tally up the numbers and factor in the teams, media personnel, league officials, and referees, the demand for accommodation could easily fill up a staggering 1,000 or even more hotel rooms at the renowned Mandalay Bay.

The New York Times reported that MGM Resorts favors Mandalay Bay as their top choice for hosting events. In fact, the company even approached various professional sports leagues, such as the WNBA, whose team is conveniently located at Mandalay Bay. To accommodate staff members, Luxor, connected to Mandalay Bay by a corridor and tram system, would serve as their lodging. Interestingly, the convention center on the property has the potential to be transformed into an impressive 24 basketball courts, as mentioned in the article.

MGM Resorts has announced that they will be reopening New York-New York and Bellagio as their first two resorts. With these resorts set to resume operations, Mandalay Bay emerges as an ideal contender to host an exclusive NBA event while implementing necessary quarantine measures. Boasting extensive convention space, the resort offers ample room for teams to conduct meetings and other essential activities. Moreover, the resort's food and beverage departments are well-equipped to cater to the needs of players and staff, providing an all-inclusive experience.

As a helpful assistant, I took the essence from the provided excerpt and wrote a new passage of exactly the same length, containing a unique article excerpt. Here it is: Having this event under the NBA's negotiation would undoubtedly secure a fantastic deal. The per diem expense might stay comfortably within the affordable range, possibly in the low three figures. But the profits reaped by MGM Resorts extend far beyond these figures. The players themselves can have access to various facilities, including the renowned casino, which adds to the allure of this event.

Las Vegas, a city known for its vibrant casinos and bustling atmosphere, is facing a crisis that goes beyond monetary losses. The true essence of this predicament lies in the intangible values that cannot be measured by a price tag. As the world grapples with the ongoing pandemic, it is an inevitable reality that the once-thriving streets of Las Vegas will be deserted, even if the casinos eventually reopen their doors. Such a sight will undoubtedly attract negative attention and further tarnish the city's reputation, which has already endured an excessive amount of unfavorable scrutiny.

The reopening of Las Vegas is eagerly anticipated, as there is an enormous craving for live sports. Once the NBA games kick off, it will symbolize the return of this vibrant city. The Las Vegas Strip, where the players and media will be staying, will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. The lively atmosphere of the resort, illuminated and bustling once more, will captivate millions of viewers through their television screens.

Jobs created

In the year 2020, the tourism sector is expected to experience a significant reduction in its workforce. However, this situation could be seen as a chance to rehire numerous employees who were previously laid off. The event would require a wide array of personnel, including security staff, valets, hotel workers, maintenance personnel, housekeepers, cooks, dealers, bartenders, servers, and even arena staff. Moreover, this event could potentially generate enough positive publicity to sustain the hotel's operations even after the departure of NBA teams, ensuring a steady demand for its services.

Working in tandem with MGM Resorts, a multitude of job opportunities would be generated beyond the confines of hotels and venues. Such prospects span various sectors, encompassing drivers responsible for ferrying players and equipment, as well as wholesalers and manufacturers collaborating with MGM Resorts to produce goods. This collaborative effort would unleash a wave of employment possibilities, further enriching the local workforce and economy.


During the shutdown, tax revenues experienced a significant decline, which has had a detrimental impact on the economy. However, if the NBA season were to conclude in Las Vegas, it would play a vital role in compensating for some of these losses. Not only would the league contribute to hotel and sales taxes, but there would also be additional revenue generated from excise taxes. Moreover, the hiring of employees to support the games would result in payroll taxes, further contributing to the state's income. Additionally, a portion of the generated revenues would be allocated to Nevada's margin taxes, and there could potentially be an increase in gaming taxes as well. While under normal circumstances, this amount may seem insignificant, given the current situation, even a few million dollars can make a substantial difference.

Las Vegas morale

Right now, Las Vegas is facing an unprecedented level of unemployment, leaving many residents feeling a sense of despair and hopelessness. The situation has become so dire that some individuals are seriously contemplating the idea of permanently leaving the city, while others have already made the decision to do so. However, amidst this bleak backdrop, there is still a glimmer of hope. By organizing a remarkable event that showcases the best of Las Vegas, it has the potential to not only uplift the city's image but also instill a sense of optimism among its residents, assuring them that the city is making strides towards a brighter future.