Contrasts Found in Las Vegas and Online Roulette

Single zero roulette at Bovada CasinoExperience the thrill of playing single zero roulette at Bovada Casino.

Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, boasts a plethora of table games to cater to every gambler's fancy. Amongst these, roulette has emerged as a perennial favorite. With its origins tracing back to 18th-century France, this classic game of chance has evolved over the years and now comes in four enticing variants. The options available to players are European Roulette, single zero roulette, double zero roulette, and the most recent addition, triple zero roulette. It's worth noting that the presence of zeros on the wheel impacts the house edge significantly. In fact, with each additional zero, the house edge increases by approximately 2.6%. So, whether you prefer the elegance of European Roulette or the thrill of triple zero roulette, it's essential to understand the implications of the wheel's composition on your odds of winning.

Online casinos typically offer European Roulette and American Roulette, but you won't find triple zero roulette among the options. European Roulette has a single zero, while American Roulette has two zeroes. relies on the backing of memberships, sponsors, and advertisements. In case you or anyone you're acquainted with is struggling with gambling, please reach out to 1-800-GAMBLER.

Enjoy the thrill of playing roulette for free at top-rated online casinos.

Players can freely explore various online casinos that offer the option to play games without any initial deposits. Specifically, when it comes to roulette, players have the opportunity to experience the game without having to wager any money upfront. This particular feature allows players to not only become familiar with the software used in the game but also to experiment with different strategies for placing bets. By taking advantage of this free trial, players can gain confidence and refine their skills before committing any real funds to the game.

Playing free roulette games online is just like playing with real money. You have no obligation to provide any personal details to the online casino. Rest assured, you can enjoy the game anonymously without disclosing any information.

Many Las Vegas casinos have discontinued offering complimentary lessons for table games, but the majority that still do provide instruction tend to focus on the game of craps.

The experience of playing European Roulette in Las Vegas varies from that of online casinos.

I recently visited Las Vegas and had the opportunity to play European Roulette at one of the bustling casinos. I was particularly intrigued by the single zero format, which added an exciting twist to the game. Alongside the regular bets, there were also some additional betting options available, adding an extra layer of complexity and strategy. One unique feature of this version was the inclusion of "la partage." This rule came into play when the ball landed on zero, offering a small consolation to players who had placed even money bets. Instead of losing their entire wager, these bets would only lose half of their value. It was a welcome safety net that added an interesting dynamic to the game. Speaking of even money bets, they consisted of a variety of options such as red, black, odd, even, high, and low. This ensured that players had a diverse range of choices when placing their bets. Interestingly, I learned that Atlantic City casinos also adopted this rule in all of their double zero roulette games. It seems like a fair and enticing offer that adds an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling game of roulette.

In online casinos, it's common to find European Roulette games featuring a single zero. Although you may come across additional betting options on the virtual felt, the key distinction from the Las Vegas experience is the absence of the la partage rule.

Online casinos do not offer the option of playing roulette with triple zero.

In 2016, the introduction of triple zero roulette at Venetian and Palazzo marked the beginning of a new trend. Over the course of a few years, this variant of roulette quickly spread throughout every casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Interestingly, it is not only limited to the Strip, as it can also be found at downtown Las Vegas establishments such as 4 Queens, Binion’s, and Golden Nugget. However, if you venture off the Strip and explore the locals market, you will discover that Westgate is the sole casino offering this unique game.

Triple zero roulette can be found not just in Las Vegas, but also in the casino markets of Maryland and Ohio.

The house edge for triple zero roulette, which stands at 7.69%, is nearly three times higher than that of a single zero game and a staggering 46% worse than double zero roulette. Looking specifically at the house edge for a single zero, it comes in at a more manageable 2.7%. On the other hand, if we consider double zero roulette, the house advantage sits at 5.26%. It's worth noting the significant disparities between these variations, with triple zero roulette taking the crown for the highest house edge.

Internet casinos do not offer triple zero roulette, only single zero and double zero options are available.

The majority of internet-based casinos offer the game of roulette with only one zero.

In the realm of online casinos, gamblers are typically presented with two choices: European Roulette, boasting a solitary zero, and American Roulette, flaunting a pair of zeros. Las Vegas, the gambling mecca, boasts a whopping 66 casinos that cater to the roulette enthusiasts. Out of this impressive number, a staggering 65 establishments offer tables with double zero roulette, while 33 provide the thrill of triple zero roulette. Surprisingly, the options for single zero or European Roulette are far more limited, with a mere 15 casinos in the Las Vegas market offering at least one table.

I've got the scoop on the most budget-friendly spot to play single zero roulette in Las Vegas. Look no further than Plaza, where you'll find the cheapest table in town. Typically, the minimum bet at Plaza's roulette tables is a mere $15. However, during peak hours, the stakes are raised to $25. Now, if you're feeling a bit fancier and prefer European Roulette, head on over to Treasure Island. They offer a $50 minimum bet for this particular version of the game, but you'll need to request it. Keep in mind that all other casinos in Las Vegas require a minimum of $100 to get in on the action of single zero roulette. So, if you're looking to stretch your gambling dollars, Plaza and Treasure Island are your go-to destinations.

At most online casinos, the usual minimum bet for roulette is $1, although it can sometimes be as low as $0.10. Interestingly, when it comes to playing roulette online, players typically have the option to choose between a single zero game and a double zero game, both of which have the same minimum bet. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to opt for the double zero version when playing online. Moreover, it's worth noting that live dealer games offered by reputable platforms like Bovada and Ignition Casino also maintain the same $1 minimum bet as their video counterparts. So whether you prefer the excitement of a live dealer or the convenience of virtual gameplay, both options are equally accessible without any significant difference in terms of minimum betting requirements.

Comparing live dealer roulette to playing at a physical table.

A variety of online casinos provide the thrilling experience of live dealer roulette games. These captivating tables boast an authentic roulette wheel and a skilled dealer, creating an immersive atmosphere for players. Rather than using physical chips, wagers are effortlessly placed via a touch screen interface, akin to engaging in roulette within the lively setting of a live dealer stadium gaming system found in traditional casinos. Interestingly, the process of purchasing chips is seamlessly conducted electronically, adding to the convenience and modernity of the gameplay. It is worth noting that certain prominent Las Vegas casinos offer these exhilarating live dealer games, while others embrace the innovation of all-electronic stadium gaming.

As soon as I win a spin in online roulette, the software instantly credits my account with the chips I've earned. On the other hand, when I lose a bet, the online roulette table is automatically cleared, without any hassle on my part. Then, it's time for me to place my next bet on the upcoming spin, and I can do it effortlessly with just a click on the rebet button. Alternatively, I can easily make adjustments to my bet if I wish to change my strategy or try something different.

In Las Vegas, at a lively roulette table, players eagerly exchange their hard-earned cash for a chance at the game. Upon joining, a stack of vibrant, colored chips is handed to each player, their value perfectly matching the buy-in amount. With these chips in hand, players embark on a thrilling journey as they place their bets on the smooth, inviting surface of the felt. Meanwhile, the dealer skillfully navigates through the flurry of excitement, swiftly collecting the chips that have met an unfortunate fate, while also carefully distributing the victorious spoils to those who have emerged triumphant.

Online roulette offers a quicker pace compared to its live counterparts.

I love the versatility of online video roulette games. You have complete control over the speed, as you can choose to play it at any pace you desire. This is because you have the option to turn the animation on or off, allowing you to customize your gaming experience. Whether you prefer a fast and thrilling game or a more relaxed and leisurely one, the choice is entirely yours. What's more, if you enjoy the authentic feel of playing at a real table, you can opt for live dealer games at online casinos. These games mimic the speed of a traditional roulette table, ensuring that you get to enjoy the same level of excitement and anticipation.

In Las Vegas, it's quite common for a casino to take a good minute or so between spins. The reason for this is that the dealer has a lot on their plate, handling everything at the table. Apart from collecting losing bets and paying out winnings, they also need to sell chips and consolidate them at the conclusion of each session. As you can imagine, all of these tasks certainly contribute to slowing down the pace of the game.

In a casino, the pace of electronic roulette tends to be rather sluggish. Generally speaking, the majority of machines do not offer players the option to accelerate the game. The reason behind this limitation lies in the fact that these machines are designed to replicate the spinning of a physical wheel. Nevertheless, there are a select few heads-up machines that grant players the ability to skip ahead to the conclusion of a spin, but it's worth noting that these machines are more of an anomaly rather than the norm.

Online casinos do not offer complimentary beverages.

At online casinos, there's one thing you won't find that's a common perk in all Las Vegas casinos: free drinks for all gamblers. It's just not something that can be replicated in the virtual world. But hey, here's a silver lining - when you're playing at an online casino, you never have to fret about how to make it back home after a game. Why? Because chances are, you're already there, cozy and comfortable in your own abode. So, while you may miss out on those complimentary cocktails, at least you have the convenience of gaming from the comfort of your own home.

Experience the excitement of playing roulette online using your computer, phone, or tablet.

When you're ready for some action, roulette is right at your fingertips. You have the freedom to play this exciting game online from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Mac and Windows users can easily access software designed specifically for their computers. And if you prefer mobile gaming, worry not, as there are dedicated iOS and Android platforms available as well. This grants you the flexibility to enjoy a round of roulette whether you're at home or waiting in places like airports or trains. With the convenience of online roulette, the thrill is just a click away.

In the realm of internet gambling, digital casinos employ cryptocurrency as a means of both funding accounts and cashing out winnings.

Bitcoin ATM inside a Las Vegas casino

There are various cryptocurrencies that online casinos readily accept for both deposits and withdrawals. Some of the popular choices include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether. It's worth noting that live casinos, unfortunately, do not allow players to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to buy into their games. However, there are a few exceptions where you may stumble upon Bitcoin ATMs in such establishments. It's important to keep in mind that these Bitcoin ATMs often come with exorbitant fees, sometimes as high as 10% or even worse.

Internet-based gambling establishments provide incentives for playing roulette.

I always make it a point to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up for a casino site. It's important to note that players who have never had an account at a casino site are eligible for a deposit bonus. This is great news for those who enjoy playing roulette, as it is typically allowed as one of the qualifying games. By taking advantage of this bonus, you can boost your online roulette return by up to one percent. It may not seem like much, but every little bit counts when it comes to increasing your chances of winning. So, always remember to check the terms and conditions and make the most of these opportunities.

When it comes to playing roulette online with a bonus, there's a crucial rule to remember: avoid making opposing bets. It's important to adhere to the bonus regulations, and placing conflicting bets can lead to trouble. For instance, simultaneously wagering on red and black goes against the essence of the bonus, potentially causing issues. However, if you bet your roulette bonus just as you would at a regular table, following the same approach, you won't encounter any problems.

In the bustling world of Las Vegas, roulette players eagerly await the moment when their actions catch the casino's attention. It is only then that they are rewarded with enticing bonus offers. These rewards, known as comps, are the casino's way of showing appreciation for the player's loyalty and dedication. However, it is a rare occurrence for new players to receive a no-deposit bonus, which adds an extra layer of excitement and surprise to the gambling experience.


Las Vegas and internet-based casinos provide complementary rewards to players during roulette gameplay. These rewards typically encompass a variety of distinct offers.

In Las Vegas, a roulette player can enjoy complimentary beverages while playing at a casino. If the player is actively participating and placing substantial bets, the casino might generously offer them complimentary accommodations in their hotel as well as complimentary meals. Additionally, the player might even receive complimentary chips to use at the table games.

At online casinos, players can expect a range of perks that differ from those offered at Las Vegas establishments. Alongside the traditional new player bonuses, loyal players can also receive reload bonuses as a token of appreciation. Moreover, VIP programs are in place to reward players with complimentary chips, based on their wagering activity. The concept operates similarly to a players club slot card found at a physical casino in Las Vegas.