Excursion to Jean, Nevada in a day

Once or twice a year, I venture south of Las Vegas to the charming towns of Primm and Jean, Nevada. The scenic drive along the highway always fills me with anticipation, as both places offer a delightful array of activities to indulge in. However, this particular journey was unlike any other, for it marked the first time I refrained from partaking in any gaming activities. Regrettably, time constraints left me with little choice but to prioritize other pursuits on this occasion.

This document is intended for Terrible’s Roadhouse located in Jean. Here is my comprehensive report regarding my experience in Primm, Nevada.

World’s Largest Chevron

My initial destination was Jean, Nevada, where I made a visit to the recently built Chevron station, proudly holding the title of the world's largest. Astonishingly, this colossal station boasts an impressive count of 96 fuel pumps, standing tall and ready for service. However, I couldn't help but notice the majority of these pumps were left untouched, with only a handful of vehicles present. Perhaps the reason behind this scarcity lies in the exorbitant price of $4.19 per gallon, a potential deterrent for many. Nevertheless, the station offers more than just fuel, featuring a White Castle restaurant alongside a selection of generic dining choices. Furthermore, it houses a spacious convenience store, a charming gift shop, and even a mini casino, catering to a diverse range of visitors' needs.

Terrible's Roadhouse located in Jean

I made my way across the busy highway towards Terrible's Roadhouse, which used to be called Goldstrike. The transformation was evident as I observed the fading remnants of Goldstrike signage. Yet, there were subtle reminders of its past identity that remained intact. As I approached the entrance, I noticed the two iconic gold miners, standing proudly as a testament to the history of this establishment. The exterior of the building also showcased the preserved old storefronts, adding a touch of nostalgia to the overall ambiance. To my surprise, I even spotted a few faded Goldstrike logos discreetly displayed on the back of the structure.

Terrible's Roadhouse, strategically targeting both junkets and tourists, caters to those passing through or seeking more affordable accommodations than what Las Vegas has to offer. The hotel boasts multiple renovated floors, specifically located in the taller of its two towers, which had been temporarily shut down during the recession period under the ownership of MGM Resorts.

At Terrible's Roadhouse, you will find a variety of table games to enjoy. Among them, there are four different options available. Two of these games are blackjack tables, offering a 6:5 payout ratio and accommodating bets as low as $5. Additionally, there is a roulette table featuring double zero, with a minimum bet of $4. For fans of baccarat, there is a table where you can place bets starting at $5. Lastly, if you prefer video blackjack, you can try your luck at the $1 game. It's worth noting that the Dealers Angel machine is no longer present at the establishment. Instead, it has been replaced by a new three-seat blackjack machine that pays out at a 6:5 ratio.

At Terrible's Roadhouse, you'll find a decent selection of video poker games. As you enter through the front door, you'll come across quarter and dollar machines offering 9/6 Jacks or Better and 8/5 Bonus Poker. However, I couldn't locate the other games listed on VPFree2. If you enjoy coin-operated games, there are also quarter keno machines and reels that accept $1 coins available for your entertainment.

Based on my personal observations, participating in these full pay games has proven to result in receiving abundant mailers. I was fortunate enough to receive monthly mailers of $50 and $100 after playing a full pay Jacks or Better game for a few hours.

Terrible’s Roadhouse does not offer a sportsbook, but there is a convenient William Hill kiosk available. Any winning tickets can be redeemed at the facility's cash cage.

Google can provide you with a round-the-clock Denny's on the casino level when it comes to dining options. Additionally, you'll find an evening-operating steakhouse and a snack bar that's open every day.

Hotel rates

The hotel rates for Terrible's Roadhouse pose quite a challenge to ascertain. Booking a stay at this property is no easy task, as the website lacks a dedicated page for reservations. In fact, the website seems to be a mere shadow of an official platform, residing on a subdomain affiliated with a hosting re-seller.

I reached out to inquire about the rates and discovered that on average, rooms are priced at around $40 to $50 from Monday to Friday, while on weekends the rates range from $70 to $80, aligning with the usual demand patterns. Interestingly, for those seeking a refreshed ambiance, a newly renovated room can be secured for an additional $10 per night. Notably, there is no resort fee to be charged, providing guests with a transparent and straightforward booking experience.

The verdict

Terrible's Roadhouse offers a variety of compelling reasons to make a pit stop. For the car enthusiasts, the collection of movie cars displayed at the back is sure to captivate their interest. Additionally, players who prefer lower limit wagers will be pleased to find both $5 roulette and $5 baccarat options available. Meanwhile, avid video poker players will be delighted to discover that Terrible's Roadhouse hosts the exclusive 9/6 Jacks or Better game, a rarity in southern Nevada, with the exception of M Resort. Furthermore, the hotel boasts affordable rates, which may greatly appeal to individuals who find themselves priced out of the bustling Las Vegas market during peak times.

What can we expect from the future of Terrible's Roadhouse?

I believe Jett Gaming's acquisition of Jean was a brilliant move. Not only did it grant a gaming and fuel station enterprise a complete monopoly, but it also provided them with a sizable plot of land at a highway exit that could potentially appreciate in value in the future. Interestingly, there are plans for a second Las Vegas airport to be developed just south of Jean, which would undoubtedly drive up the demand for real estate in the vicinity of the exit. While we wait for these developments to unfold, Terrible's Roadhouse currently fulfills its role as an affordable hotel along the highway, offering a limited selection of enjoyable games for its patrons.