Casino Spotlight: Westgate

Westgate Casino

I live just east of the Las Vegas Strip, in a place called Westgate. Situated between the Las Vegas Convention Center and Sahara Avenue, my home is conveniently located on Paradise Road. It's not just a residential area though, as it also houses a bustling casino. What's more, there's even a Las Vegas Monorail stop right here in Westgate, making it incredibly convenient for residents and visitors alike.

I'm here to help! Here's a new unique piece of text that maintains the same length and theme as the provided excerpt: Back in the day, Westgate had a few different names before settling on its current one. Originally, it started off as the International Hotel, and on July 2, 1969, its doors were opened to the public. A couple of years later, in 1971, it underwent a transformation and became the Las Vegas Hilton, a name that resonated with visitors. However, in 2012, Hilton decided to end their franchise agreement, prompting another change. It was then referred to as LVH. Unfortunately, financial difficulties led to foreclosure and in 2014, Westgate, a renowned company known for its success in the timeshare business, took over and acquired the property.

The property underwent renovations, with the most remarkable transformation occurring in its renowned sportsbook. However, several distinctions can be observed between Westgate and its previous state.

High Limit at Westgate CasinoTable game selection

The Westgate table game pit boasts a collection of 14 tables, including six high limit tables discreetly positioned behind the casino bar adjacent to the sportsbook.

On the casino floor, you'll find that the majority of blackjack tables adhere to the 6:5 rule, with only a lone table offering a more favorable 3:2 payout. Typically, the minimum wager for this table is $25, but during particularly quiet periods, it may drop to $15. On the other hand, if you choose to play at one of the 6:5 tables, you can expect the minimum bet to range from $10 to $15.

On the casino floor, you'll find a pair of craps tables bustling with activity. Since the establishment reopened its doors, the minimum wager has remained steady at $15, ensuring a consistent level of play. However, before the reopening, I stumbled upon a surprisingly low minimum bet of $5. The odds at these tables follow the 3-4-5 times rule, enhancing the potential for bigger wins. Another noteworthy feature is that the field pays out double when the dice reveal a 12.

During my visit to the casino, I noticed the presence of two distinct roulette tables. The first one had a double zero, while the second table boasted a triple zero. As I approached, I learned that both tables had a minimum bet requirement of $15. It was intriguing to see the contrasting options available for players seeking different levels of risk. Moving on to another popular game, Baccarat, I discovered that it was being played at a minimum bet of $25. The pandemic seemed to have impacted the minimum bets across the board, as I was informed that these amounts used to be lower in the past. As I made my way through the bustling casino floor, I stumbled upon a single deck blackjack table that caught my attention. The payout ratio for this particular game was 6:5, and the minimum bet was set at $15. It quickly became apparent that the current minimum bets were influenced by the table seat restrictions, which were undoubtedly a result of the ongoing circumstances. However, I was informed that during quieter periods, it was possible to find lower minimum bets, allowing for a more affordable gaming experience.

During my visit in December 2019, I noticed that the high limit salon had six tables available for play. Among these tables, there was a craps table, baccarat, as well as double deck blackjack and six-deck shoes. It's worth noting that the high limit betting limit was set at $25, however, I have not come across it being open ever since then. If one were to play blackjack in the high limit salon, the rules would be identical to those on the main casino floor. This would mean that the dealer would hit on soft 17, and options such as surrender and re-splitting aces would not be available.

Westgate video poker

Located conveniently between the bustling Strip and the cozy atmosphere of local casinos, the video poker offerings at Westgate Casino strike a perfect balance. For avid players seeking the best odds, the ultimate choice is unquestionably Loose Deuces, boasting an impressive 99.2% return rate, as diligently reported by VPFree2. To cater to a diverse range of gambling preferences, this captivating game can be enjoyed in three different denominations: $1, $2, and $5. In addition to this crowd favorite, enthusiasts will also discover the thrill of $1 8/5 Bonus Poker, tantalizingly offering a 99.17% payout. For an enticing twist, players can dive into the exhilarating world of $1, $2, and $5 9/6 Double Double Bonus, presenting an alluring 98.98% return rate.

Bar video poker

During these challenging times, Westgate temporarily closed its video poker bars in compliance with pandemic restrictions. However, once the situation improves, I anticipate the return of these entertaining games in their previous form. At Westgate, you can enjoy a variety of denominations, including quarters, half-dollars, dollars, two-dollars, and five-dollars. It's worth mentioning that the quarter and dollar denominations offer an exciting progressive jackpot for those lucky enough to hit a royal flush.

I've found an incredible game called 8/5 Bonus Poker that I highly recommend. This game is offered in both $2 and $5 denominations, providing players with the flexibility to choose their preferred betting amount. Additionally, the machines also feature $2 and $5 9/6 Double Double Bonus, which adds another exciting option for players to enjoy. If you prefer playing with quarters or up to a dollar, then the best game for you would be 7/5 Bonus Poker (98.01% return). It offers a great mix of entertainment and potential winnings.

Westgate poker room

The Westgate poker room, which has been temporarily shut down since March, is set to reopen its doors on September 10th, under the management of poker room manager Mark Selby.

On Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the poker room at Westgate comes alive with six tables, each equipped with plexiglass dividers to ensure the safety and comfort of eight players per table. The excitement begins at 4pm on these days, and early risers can join in on the action at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays. However, Tuesdays and Wednesdays offer a respite from the poker frenzy, as the room remains cloaked in darkness.

At the Westgate poker room, I discovered a fascinating reward system. When players are actively playing at a Westgate poker table, they have the opportunity to earn $2 per hour in complimentary rewards. It's quite an appealing prospect, isn't it? But that's not all. If a player dedicates a total of 30 hours during a week, they are rewarded with a generous $200 in cold, hard cash. Now, let me clarify the time frame for you. This week-long period begins on Monday morning and concludes on Sunday night. For further information about the Westgate poker room, I encourage you to delve into more details.

Westgate Sportsbook

The SuperBook at Westgate, a truly unique establishment, has earned its illustrious reputation as the premier sportsbook in Las Vegas, even dating back to its days as the renowned Las Vegas Hilton. What sets the SuperBook apart is its unparalleled acceptance of virtually all types of wagers. With generous limits and a remarkable openness towards experienced bettors, it has become a favored destination for both seasoned professionals and casual sports enthusiasts looking to place their bets.

In Nevada, you have the opportunity to place bets with Westgate using their mobile app, regardless of your location in the state. However, before you can start betting, a trip to their sportsbook is necessary to set up your account. Once your account is created and funded, you can use it anywhere in Nevada, as long as your location can be confirmed. This means that you can enjoy the convenience of betting on the go, without being tied to a specific location.

Westgate locals offer

Thursdays at Westgate bring a locals special that is simply irresistible. Picture this: a delightful 25% discount on all dining, making a night out even more satisfying. But that's not all. For those who enjoy the thrill of the slot machines or the strategic play of video poker, there's an even bigger treat in store. Every Thursday, players in these games receive a whopping five times the points they normally would, giving them an edge in their pursuit of winnings. And if that's not enough, every player also gets an entry into a thrilling $2,000 slot tournament, where luck and skill collide in an adrenaline-pumping clash of competitors. So mark your calendars and make Thursdays your go-to day for excitement, discounts, and the chance to win big at Westgate.

Westgate restaurants

Westgate boasts a variety of operational dining establishments, while a few others have been forced to temporarily shutter their doors amidst the prevailing pandemic restrictions.

Fresco Italiano serves a variety of dishes like meat, seafood, and pasta, including whole wheat and gluten-free alternatives. The restaurant is available for dinner every evening starting at 5pm.

Benihana is a Japanese-style grill called a Teppan grill, offering a menu that features delectable options such as New York strip and filet mignon, in addition to sushi and a variety of appetizers.

Fortuna, a bustling café that never sleeps, offers its services round the clock. If you're seeking alternative options, you can try out the Draft Sports Bar and Grill Express, Cordovano Joe's Pizza, Rikki Tikki Sushi, or the Nacho Tacos Authentic Mexican joint. Unfortunately, Silk Road Asian Bistro, Edge Steakhouse, Bar Sake and Robata Grill, along with the buffet, are currently closed as a temporary measure.

Westgate hotel

I've had the pleasure of visiting the Westgate property, which boasts both a luxurious hotel and an exquisite timeshare. If you're planning a stay, you'll be delighted to know that their Premium rooms offer exceptional value, starting at a mere $40 per night on weekdays and $65 on weekends. It's important to note that the aforementioned rates do not include the resort fee of $34 or applicable taxes. For those seeking an elevated experience, upgrading to a Signature room is a fantastic option, with a nominal increase of $15 per night. Alternatively, if you're looking to indulge in opulence, the Luxe room is available for an additional $23 on top of the base rate. And for those desiring more spacious accommodations, their elegant suites are an excellent choice, starting at around $150 on weekdays and $200 on weekends.

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