Casino Spotlight: Suncoast

Suncoast, located in Summerlin on the extreme western outskirts of Las Vegas, is under the ownership of Boyd Gaming and operates with the BConnected players card.

Suncoast, situated in a desirable locale, is recognized as a premier establishment among the local casino scene. While it may not quite reach the same caliber as the esteemed Red Rock Resort, it undoubtedly surpasses the majority of rival locals casinos scattered beyond the confines of Summerlin.

Top-rated games available at Suncoast.

At Suncoast, you'll find a variety of fantastic gaming choices. If you're a fan of blackjack, you'll be pleased to know that they offer $5 double deck games that allow you to double down both before and after splitting. Additionally, their six-deck shoe games follow the same rules. It's worth noting that at all Suncoast blackjack tables, the dealer hits soft 17. While Suncoast offers an array of table games, there is no designated high limit section for those seeking elevated stakes.

At Suncoast, you'll find a variety of exciting table games to enjoy. One of the highlights is the game of Craps, which offers an impressive 10 times odds. If you're lucky enough to roll a 12, you'll be pleased to know that the field bet pays out triple the amount. In addition to Craps, there are other thrilling options like baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, double zero roulette, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold'em. The best part is that all of these table games have a minimum bet of just $5, providing an affordable and accessible gaming experience for everyone. The only exception is baccarat, where a $10 minimum bet is required to join in on the action. So whether you're a seasoned gambler or a beginner, there's something for everyone at Suncoast's exciting array of table games.

Located near the box office and showroom, one can find a bank of video poker machines at Suncoast casino. While the poker offerings at this establishment are considered slightly below average for locals casinos in Las Vegas, they still surpass the standard for the city as a whole. Unfortunately, there are no machines that offer a 100 percent payout at Suncoast. However, there are a few notable games available, such as the 9/5 Triple Pay Plus, which boasts a 99.8 percent payout rate. Additionally, players can try their luck with the Not-so-ugly Deuces Wild game, which has a 99.73 percent payout rate, or the 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe, with a 99.64 percent payout rate. These games accept quarter, half-dollar, and dollar denominations.

One of the top video poker games you can find, aside from those mentioned earlier, is the 8/5 Bonus Poker with a payout percentage of 99.17%. This particular game can be enjoyed not only on various bar tops but also on several banks scattered across the bustling casino floor. Additionally, for those seeking a more exclusive experience, it is even offered in the high limit area.

There are many options for unique and exciting video poker games to choose from, including Dream Card, Ultimate X, Wheel Poker, and Split Card.

BConnected players club

At Boyd Gaming, we value our BConnected players and reward them for their loyalty. For every dollar wagered at slots, our players earn one point, and at most video poker games, they earn two points for every dollar. These points can be exchanged for incredible perks at our food outlets, owned by Boyd Gaming. With just 600 points, players can redeem $1 in comps, and what's even better, this offer extends to our other casinos as well. Additionally, our players can enjoy the excitement of free play, which can be redeemed at a rate of 1,000 points per dollar. We want our BConnected players to feel appreciated and enjoy exclusive benefits for choosing Boyd Gaming.

As an avid player in the world of Ruby, I must confess that points are not part of our earning system. In order to unlock the prestigious tiers of Sapphire and beyond, we must diligently accumulate tier points. Now, let me enlighten you on the process: for every $5 we dare to wager in the slot machines, a single tier point is added to our account. However, when it comes to indulging in the thrilling realms of video poker and table games, things get a bit trickier. See, the number of tier points earned is determined by a percentage of the theoretical house edge. Alas, this can pose quite a challenge for those aiming to ascend through the tiers and gain access to coveted BConnected points, which can be exchanged for delightful comps. Particularly, video poker and table game enthusiasts might find it arduous to amass these desirable rewards.

Active BConnected participants are sent mailers containing complimentary play, food comps, and accommodation, alongside exciting promotions such as drawings and point multipliers.


Suncoast, located conveniently near the movie theater, presents a fantastic sportsbook experience for enthusiasts. With a capacity of 150 seats and an arrangement featuring two expansive walls adorned with televisions, one can be assured of an immersive and thrilling viewing experience. The majority of the seats are thoughtfully equipped with individual monitors, ensuring that every bettor has a personalized interface for their wagers. Moreover, Suncoast also boasts a lavish sportsbook lounge, providing a sophisticated and comfortable ambiance for patrons. Notably, a significant portion of the seating area is exclusively reserved for race players, catering to the diverse interests of the betting community. Additionally, for the convenience of customers, Suncoast offers the option to deposit funds specifically for Boyd Gaming's highly regarded BConnected app, further streamlining the betting process.

Poker room

Suncoast no longer offers poker games as its poker room closed down in April 2018.


Suncoast offers a diverse selection of 12 dining choices, ranging from exquisite steak and Italian cuisine to quick and convenient fast food alternatives.

Fine dining

Salvatore's, an Italian restaurant, offers a delightful dining experience with a touch of elegance. Nestled on the second floor, just above the bustling oyster bar, it boasts a convenient entrance from the surface parking lot. The dining area can be easily accessed through a private elevator, adding an air of exclusivity to the whole experience. SC Prime, on the other hand, is a renowned steakhouse where culinary excellence takes center stage. Indulge in their mouthwatering steak and seafood options, expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds. To enhance the ambiance, a talented pianist graces the restaurant with their melodies every night, setting the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

Salvatore's in Summerlin is a beloved restaurant that my wife and I frequently visit throughout the month.

Salvatore's does not operate on Mondays while SC Prime does not operate on Tuesdays.

Casual dining

Peng Zu, an Asian dining option available every evening, and Brigg's Oyster Co., a seafood haven open daily for dinner, both provide an array of delectable choices.

Du-Par's provides a 24/7 dining experience and an extensive breakfast menu featuring beloved diner classics. Fans Sports Bar and The Game present an array of beer options and delectable bar food choices.

The St. Tropez Buffet offers a delightful dining experience throughout the day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. The price of indulging in this culinary feast varies depending on your tier level in BConnected, ensuring that every player can find a suitable option. For Ruby players, the breakfast and lunch buffet is priced at $8.99, while Sapphire and above players can enjoy it for just $7.99. When it comes to dinner, Ruby players can savor the delectable offerings for $13.99, whereas higher tiered players can relish it for $12.99. If you visit during the weekend, you can treat yourself to a sumptuous brunch priced at $14.99 for Ruby players, with an additional $1 discount for those in the higher tiers.

Ruby players can enjoy prime rib and shrimp scampi on Saturday night for $17.99, while other players with higher tier levels can avail a $1 discount.

Visitors without a Bconnected card will be charged approximately an additional $4 for each meal at the buffet.

Quick serve

I know of three casual dining options available in this area. Subway, for instance, operates until 11pm every day, providing a convenient choice for late-night meals. Another option is Bagel Corner, which not only offers a diverse breakfast and deli menu but is also open from 7am to 10pm daily, catering to both early risers and late-night snackers. Additionally, there's Java Vegas Coffee, a typical coffee shop that also serves delectable ice cream.


For most weekdays, Suncoast rates begin at $79 per night, offering an affordable option for budget-conscious travelers. On slower weekends, you can still enjoy a stay starting at $99, providing a relaxed and leisurely experience. However, during peak weekends, the rates may exceed $200 due to high demand. It's important to note that the rates mentioned above do not include the additional resort fee of $25 per night, which covers the amenities and services provided by the resort. So whether you're planning a weekday getaway or a weekend escape, Suncoast offers a range of rates to suit different budgets and preferences.

The Deluxe Queen or Deluxe King falls under the base rate category. If you fancy a golf course view, it will cost you an additional $7 per night. Now, if you opt for a one-bedroom suite, the price tends to be roughly twice that of the base rate. On the other hand, the two-bedroom suite comes in at approximately three times the base rate.


Suncoast offers various entertainment options beyond gaming, including a cinema and a bowling lane. Additionally, visitors can enjoy live musical performances in the showroom.