Transforming the Worth of Low-Limit Players into Valuable Ones: The Impact of 6/5 Blackjack

Blackjack table games at Treasure Island

In my experience, it seems that the prevalence of the 6/5 payout on a blackjack has become quite common in most of the low-limit blackjack tables gracing the vibrant Las Vegas Strip. Interestingly enough, it appears that the majority of Caesars Entertainment casinos, as well as one MGM Resorts property, have decided to forego the traditional 3/2 payouts typically associated with this popular casino game. One might wonder where these 3/2 payouts have gone. Well, fear not, my gambling enthusiasts, as they can still be found in the high-limit salons that cater to the more discerning players. Additionally, if you venture toward the north end of the Strip, you'll discover that the independent casinos still uphold the tradition of offering the coveted 3/2 payouts.

Here's how it all played out: the majority of Las Vegas Strip casinos managed to level the playing field by essentially equating the worth of players betting $15 and $25 on 6/5 games with those who were indulging in $50 and $100 games in the exclusive high-limit salon. It's quite a remarkable turn of events when you think about it. is now offering subscriptions on both Gumroad and Patreon, providing equal access to their exceptional content on both platforms.

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$15 6/5 compared to $50 3/2 in Caesars Entertainment casinos

At Caesars Entertainment, you'll often find 6/5 blackjack tables in use. These tables employ eight decks and follow a soft 17 rule. Additionally, players are given the option to surrender. When it comes to placing bets, the minimum amount typically ranges from $15 to $25. It's worth noting that the house edge for this particular game is around 1.9%.

The initial figure represents the projected deficit for the 6/5 game at minimum bets, whereas the subsequent figure indicates the potential loss if the game offered a 3/2 payout.

  • $15: $0.29/$0.09
  • $25: $0.48/$0.14

Within Caesars Entertainment, there exists a variety of high-limit salon options available for patrons. Notably, the Horseshoe establishment offers a minimum bet of $50. Interestingly, this particular game mirrors the 6/5 variant, with the exception that it pays out at a rate of 3/2. Consequently, the anticipated loss when betting at the minimum amount reaches a sum of $0.27, which interestingly aligns with the approximate loss incurred when playing the $15 6/5 option.

At the $15 tables, you'll find that the player can expect to lose at a faster pace compared to the $50 tables. The high-limit salon game at Flamingo and Harrah’s differs slightly in that it stands on soft 17, adhering to the same rules as the regular game. When playing at these tables, the anticipated loss is approximately $0.17.

In Cromwell and Paris, the $50 game, as mentioned earlier at Flamingo and Harrah's, comes with a minimum bet of $100. If you decide to play at this minimum bet, you can expect a loss of $0.35.

At Planet Hollywood, players have the opportunity to split aces up to four times during the game. This modification comes with a calculated expected loss of $0.29, which interestingly aligns with the expected loss of the $15 6/5 game that can be found on the casino floor. This means that regardless of which option players choose, they can anticipate a similar financial outcome.

At Caesars Palace, you'll need to shell out $200 to join in on the action of that particular game, but don't worry, your expected loss is a mere $0.57. If you prefer the 6/5 tables, the minimum bet starts at $25 in this luxurious establishment. However, keep in mind that the anticipated loss per hand is approximately $0.48, so choose your strategy wisely.

When it comes to finding a 3/2 blackjack game without venturing into the high-limit salons, Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood have got you covered. These two casinos offer an exciting 3/2 blackjack experience right on their casino floors, and the best part is, you won't have to break the bank with a $50 minimum bet. If you happen to visit Planet Hollywood during off-peak hours, you might even luck out and find a table with a minimum bet as low as $25. However, it's important to note that none of the other Caesars Entertainment casinos have this 3/2 blackjack option available outside of their high-limit rooms.

Evaluating the differences at MGM Resorts casinos

At the MGM Resorts casinos, the blackjack situation is slightly distinct. On the casino floor, every establishment, with the exception of Luxor, offers 3/2 blackjack. The minimum bet for this game begins at $25 in Excalibur, New York-New York, and Park MGM. However, in Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Mandalay Bay, and MGM Grand, the usual starting bet is $50.

At MGM Resorts casinos, the blackjack tables come in various denominations. There are the $25 games, which deal eight decks, and the $50 games, which use six decks. This clever strategy helps to mitigate the impact of the less favorable 6/5 payout tables, where the casino only pays out 6 to 5, compared to the more generous 3/2 payout at the high-limit tables. What's more, players can take advantage of advantageous rules such as re-splitting aces and the option to surrender at any of the 3/2 blackjack tables dealt by MGM Resorts.

These are the projected losses for games at MGM Resorts. The Excalibur establishment lacks a salon facility.

  • $25 on June 5th at Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, and MGM Grand will cost you $0.48.
  • Get a fantastic deal on a 3/2 blackjack table at Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, and MGM Grand for just $50! Don't miss out on this amazing offer with a low buy-in of only 24 cents!
  • $100 S17 3/2 available at Aria and Cosmopolitan for just $0.28.
  • Bellagio and MGM Grand offer a 3/2 S17 game that costs just $0.84.

The high-limit salons at the other three MGM Resorts casinos present a slightly contrasting scenario. At New York-New York, the soft 17 rule applies. The only discrepancy between this game and the $25 game on the main floor is that the high-limit version employs six decks instead of eight.

At Park MGM and Mandalay Bay, the $100 high-limit tables have a shoe size of six decks and the dealers stand on soft 17. Opting for a $25 minimum bet in the pits would result in an expected loss that is approximately half of what you would experience at the high-limit tables.

Discover superior blackjack options along the northern stretch of the Strip.

Playing most of the high-limit blackjack games with a 3/2 payout ratio requires a significant amount of funds. The volatility inherent in these games can lead to a rapid depletion of a player's bankroll, regardless of the advantageous rules in place. Even if one has thousands of dollars at their disposal, they can quickly find themselves without any chips left to play with.

Blackjack table games at Treasure Island

If you want to steer clear of these issues entirely, I suggest heading a little further up north. Over at Treasure Island, they have some great deals on blackjack with minimum bets of $10 and $15, offering a 3/2 payout. Another option is The Strat, where you can find the same game for $15. Now, if you're looking for high-stakes action, both Sahara and Treasure Island have high-limit games where the dealer hits on soft 17. The minimum bets for these games start at $50. At Treasure Island, you can also enjoy a double-deck game. Additionally, both casinos offer six-deck games where the dealer stands on all 17s and provides the options to surrender and re-split aces.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also explore the areas slightly to the east of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Oyo, for instance, offers an enticing deal of $10 3/2 blackjack, providing an exciting gaming experience without breaking the bank. Additionally, if you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, Ellis Island boasts a single table where you can enjoy $5 3/2 blackjack, an excellent choice for those seeking a more affordable gambling option. However, keep in mind that at various other tables, the minimum bet for blackjack is set at $10.

I can point you in the right direction if you're a fan of 3/2 double-deck blackjack. Just venture slightly to the west of the Strip and you'll find what you're looking for. The establishments to visit would be Gold Coast, Palace Station, and The Orleans. These places offer this particular game at a reasonable price of $15. What makes it even more appealing is that you're allowed to double down both before and after splitting.