Home Alone Travel Experience

During a whole week, while Kristina and my daughter were away visiting loved ones, I found myself responsible for tending to our pets. This granted me an abundance of leisure to indulge in some playtime.

I hit a royal flush the night before at Plaza when playing with Kristina. They left on a Wednesday. Figuring I could parlay my luck, I decided to give it another shot at the same place.

I decided to give it a shot at the quarter Joker Poker machine. After playing for several hours, I managed to break even. With the same $100 I initially had, I felt like taking a chance before calling it a day. The replica of the classic Las Vegas Club Catch the Heat slot machine caught my attention. And wouldn't you know it, I hit a decent win almost right away.

After a couple of rotations, this unexpected event occurred:


On the new machines, it happened to me for the second time. I had experienced it previously on the original machines. The occurrence was slightly different, and the payout was only $1,000 instead of $2,500. Let me describe what the game with the coin version appeared like when it had a jackpot:

I departed not long after that, as it was time to bring an end to the evening.

Friday night at Plaza, I decided to take a break from the usual routine. Thursday had been exhausting, so I thought why not try my luck at the casino? With a pocket full of optimism, I sat down at the Joker Poker machine and began to play. Lady Luck seemed to be eluding me as the cards failed to match up in my favor. Undeterred, I switched to the Bonus Poker Deluxe game, hoping for a change of fortunes. Unfortunately, the outcome was no different. Nonetheless, I didn't let the losses dampen my spirits. After all, these setbacks were just a small fraction of the enjoyable gambling sessions I had experienced before.

Downtown from my Summerlin residence, I decided to hail an Uber. Unfortunately, it took an entire hour just to secure a ride. Finally, at around 2am, I departed from Plaza, only to find that the rideshare service was completely inundated. Frustratingly, there were no taxis in sight, and a sizable crowd of impatient individuals stood waiting. Determined to reach my destination, I headed over to Golden Nugget, where I found myself behind two other groups eagerly anticipating a cab. Time ticked away, but no taxis arrived even after 20 long minutes. Disheartened, I made my way towards the cab stand located at California. Thankfully, I managed to secure the first spot in line, but I still had to wait for approximately 15 minutes before a cab finally pulled up to whisk me away.

I spent my Saturday at home, but on Sunday, I decided to go to Santa Fe Station. I tried my luck with Dream Card and Big Split Poker and had a great time. Dream Card ended up being quite generous to me.

I decided to end my night with a visit to PT's Tavern, a local spot just a stone's throw away from my house. As luck would have it, I received a couple of complimentary drinks upon my arrival. Little did I know, fate had an interesting hand in store for me at the card table. It was a wild and unpredictable set of cards I held in my hands, prompting me to realize that it was high time to wrap up the evening's festivities.

On Monday, I returned to Plaza once again. This time, my gambling adventure began at the Joker Poker machine. Much to my delight, luck was on my side as I managed to land a remarkable five of a kind. Fueled by this early success, I decided to switch over to the Bonus Poker Deluxe game. To my astonishment, the machine seemed determined to reward me with quad hands, one after another. The streak of good fortune had me buzzing with excitement, making it an unforgettable session at the casino.


After dabbling in the Catch the Heat machine, I decided to switch things up. So, I swam in the vast sea of possibilities, exploring different games. Eventually, I made my way to California, seeking the thrill of coin games. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on my side at Treasure Chest Poker, where I gracefully bid farewell to $40 before ending my night on a more somber note.

The following day, Kristina and our daughter returned, signifying the conclusion of my staycation and my return to a typical Las Vegas lifestyle.