Las Vegas Casino Tables Offering Single or Double Setups

Double Exposure Blackjack tableGoogle's Double Exposure Blackjack table is ready and waiting for you.

Once a year, my colleagues and I embark on a comprehensive journey through every casino in Las Vegas that features table games. Our mission is to meticulously document each and every game installation we encounter along the way. In the vast and vibrant Las Vegas market, it is fascinating to observe the stark contrast between games with a multitude of available tables and those that are more scarce. While some games flourish with hundreds of tables to accommodate eager gamblers, there are a select few that can only boast one or two installations. These particular games often fall into one of two categories: either they are newly developed games undergoing rigorous testing, or they are old classics bravely clinging onto their existence in the face of extinction.

Take a glimpse into these captivating games. The initial part focuses on individual installations, while the subsequent section showcases table games offered across two distinct casinos.

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Experience Las Vegas table games with a single installation.

3:2 single deck blackjack

In Las Vegas, you'll find a unique gem tucked away at El Cortez. It's the only place left where you can enjoy a 3:2 single deck blackjack game. The minimum bet to join in on the excitement is a reasonable $10. An interesting twist to note is that players have the opportunity to double down before splitting, but not afterwards. This sets El Cortez apart from all the other single deck blackjack tables in Las Vegas, where the payout is a less favorable 6:5. So, if you're a fan of the classic game and are looking for the best odds, El Cortez is the place to be.

Double Exposure Blackjack

During peak hours at Circus Circus, you'll find something unique in Las Vegas: the only Double Exposure Blackjack tables. Unlike traditional blackjack, in this variant, both of the dealer's hole cards are face up, giving players valuable information to base their decisions on. It's worth noting that the dealer takes all ties except on blackjack, where the player emerges victorious. Additionally, all blackjacks pay even money and result in an automatic win. However, it's important to remember that after splitting, doubling down is not allowed at Circus Circus. So, if you're seeking a thrilling twist on the classic game, head over to Circus Circus and embrace the excitement of Double Exposure Blackjack during its peak hours.

Super Fun 21

In 2018 and 2019, Super Fun 21 enjoyed its heyday with a remarkable presence across 14 Las Vegas establishments. However, times have changed, and as of today, only one place in the bustling city accommodates this exhilarating blackjack variant: Sam's Town. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or just starting out, brace yourself for a thrilling experience. To get in on the action, you'll need to wager at least $10 or $15, depending on your preferences. Keep in mind that Super Fun 21 at Sam's Town is exclusively available during peak hours, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere for all players.

In Super Fun 21, players can enjoy a thrilling twist on the classic blackjack game. Here, the payouts are unique and exciting. For instance, when you get a blackjack, it pays out at even money. However, if you happen to have a blackjack with suited diamonds, the payout increases to a generous 2/1. This rule adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. One of the reasons why Super Fun 21 stands out is the inclusion of several player-friendly rules. For example, you have the freedom to double down on any number of cards. This means that you can maximize your chances of winning by strategically placing additional bets during the game. Furthermore, the game allows you to hit and re-split split aces. This gives you more opportunities to form winning hands and increases the overall excitement of the gameplay. In Super Fun 21, surrendering is also an option, even after drawing additional cards. This allows you to gracefully exit a round if you feel that the odds are not in your favor. Another enticing aspect of Super Fun 21 is that player blackjacks always come out on top. This means that if you manage to hit that perfect 21, you are guaranteed a win, regardless of the dealer's hand. This rule adds an extra element of thrill and satisfaction to the game. Lastly, if you can achieve a five-card 21, the payout jumps to an exciting 2/1. This means that if you can successfully build a hand with five cards totaling 21, you'll be rewarded handsomely for your accomplishment. In summary, Super Fun 21 offers an exhilarating blackjack experience with unique payouts and player-friendly rules. With the opportunity to double down on any number of cards, hit and re-split split aces, surrender at any time, and guaranteed wins with player blackjacks, this game is sure to keep players entertained and engaged. And let's not forget the thrilling 2/1 payout for suited diamonds and five-card 21s. Give Super Fun 21 a try and prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Super Baccarat

Venetian's parent company exclusively possesses Super Baccarat, a distinctive variant of the game. This particular version can solely be found at Venetian. Formerly, Palazzo also offered Super Baccarat, however, this configuration ceased to exist in 2021. Super Baccarat, akin to the traditional rendition, showcases an array of supplementary wagering options.

Texas Hold’em Bonus

Recently, there has been a shift in the popularity of casino table games in Las Vegas. In 2017, there were a total of 17 tables dedicated to Texas Hold'em Bonus. However, times have changed, and now only one casino, Fremont, still offers this game. Instead, the spotlight has shifted towards Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Heads Up Hold'em, which have gained significant popularity in recent years. These games have captured the attention of both seasoned players and newcomers alike, offering a fresh and exciting twist on the classic Texas Hold'em format. As a result, casinos have adapted to meet the demands of their patrons, focusing on these more popular alternatives.

The Texas Hold'em Bonus table at Fremont requires a minimum bet of $10, making it quite costly due to frequent raises. Keep in mind that this table is exclusively available during busy times.

Three Card Blitz

I absolutely love playing Three Card Blitz! It's an exciting game that revolves around earning points. You see, in this game, Aces hold a value of 11 points, while the face cards are worth 10 points each. As for the rest of the cards, they simply have their face value. To start the game, both the players and the dealer receive a total of seven cards. Now, here's the interesting part - the goal is to form a three-card suited hand using those seven cards. The ultimate aim is to reach the highest point value possible, which is 31. It's such a rush to strategize and try to achieve that perfect hand! If you're eager to give it a try, head over to Sahara where you can find Three Card Blitz available for just $10, specifically during peak hours. Trust me, it's worth every penny!

Two Las Vegas locations featuring table games.

Only two casinos in the market offer a selection of seven exclusive Las Vegas table games.

Big Wheel

In Las Vegas, the once-popular game known as Big Wheel, or sometimes referred to as Big 6, has dwindled in popularity and is now only available in two casinos. If you're looking to experience the live version of this game, your best bet would be to head over to the Golden Nugget or the Wynn. Interestingly enough, these two casinos are also the exclusive hosts of the heads up variation of the video version. However, if you prefer the convenience and accessibility of playing the video version of Big Wheel, fear not, as there are still a total of 31 other Las Vegas casinos that offer some form of this game.

During my investigation in March 2022, I discovered that the live game, which used to be available at 17 casinos and occupied 23 tables back in December 2015, has undergone a significant reduction. Just before the pandemic forced the closure of casinos in 2020, the number of big wheel tables had decreased to 14, spread across 10 different casinos. However, it appears that this downward trend has continued, as my findings revealed that only two establishments, Paris and The Strat, had the game on offer. Surprisingly, though, even these two casinos have eliminated it from their offerings within the past six months.

Dealer Starts a Game of Pai Gow Poker

At Binion's and Sahara, you can find Dealer Open Pai Gow Poker, a thrilling variant of Face Up. What sets this game apart is that the dealer takes the lead and kicks off the action. Now, here's where things get interesting. If the house happens to hold two, three, or four jacks, brace yourself, my friend, because the dealer will seize victory and claim all the main bets. But fear not, for if the dealer's hand doesn't boast this powerful trio, the game proceeds like a regular pai gow poker hand. And the best part? There's no commission to worry about. Now, when it comes to placing your bets, the minimum starts at $10 over at Binion's and $15 at Sahara. So, if you're up for some heart-pounding card action, head on over to Binion's or Sahara and give Dealer Open Pai Gow Poker a whirl.

DJ Wild

At Flamingo and Harrah's, there is an exciting poker pit game called DJ Wild, where a joker is used to spice things up. In this game, not only the joker but also the four deuces in the deck are considered wild cards, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay. The objective of each player is to outshine the dealer by creating the best possible hand. What makes DJ Wild even more appealing is that both Flamingo and Harrah's offer this game at a reasonable starting price of just $5. So, whether you're a seasoned poker player or a novice looking for some exhilarating entertainment, DJ Wild at Flamingo and Harrah's is the perfect choice.

Double Up Blackjack

In Las Vegas, there's a blackjack game called Double Up Blackjack that's highly regarded. It's known for its unique feature that allows players to double their bet and stand. The dealer, on the other hand, takes a stand on 16, which results in a push for all hands except for 21. The game's strategy is quite challenging, but mastering it is crucial if you want to maximize your potential payout. So, it's advisable to invest some time in learning the optimal approach before diving into the game.

Free Bonus Blackjack

You can play Free Bonus Blackjack at both Palms and Sahara casinos, which is similar to Free Bet Blackjack. The minimum bet amounts differ, with Sahara requiring $10 and Palms asking for $15.

Spanish 21

In 2011, Spanish 21 reached its zenith with a grand total of six establishments in the bustling city of Las Vegas. However, as time passed, the popularity of this particular variant dwindled, leaving only two remaining strongholds: the esteemed Venetian and Palazzo casinos. What sets Spanish 21 apart from its traditional counterpart is the omission of tens from the deck, while still retaining the presence of other 10-value cards. This alteration gives rise to several thrilling bonus hands that keep players on the edge of their seats. And let's not forget the allure of the blackjack payout, which stands at an enticing 3:2 ratio.

Wild 5

Aliante and Cannery are currently the only two places where Wild 5, a game exclusive to Boyd Gaming properties, is being offered. Unfortunately, since our survey in March 2022, it appears that Sam's Town and Suncoast are no longer dealing the game.

In Wild 5, players face off against the house, aiming to achieve a superior hand, utilizing a deck of 53 cards that boasts the inclusion of a joker. The game commences with the distribution of five cards to each player. At this juncture, participants are presented with a choice: they can either fold, relinquishing their hand, or raise, indicating their intent to continue playing. Should they opt to proceed, players possess the option to discard one card and employ the two communal cards, or alternatively, they may elect to retain their original hand. The decision-making process is critical, as it can greatly impact the outcome of the game.

Las Vegas disappoints with the absence of table games.

Las Vegas has seen its fair share of games that have gained popularity in other markets, only to fall short within the city's boundaries. Take, for example, Four Card Poker, a game that has found success on the East Coast. Surprisingly, though, you won't find it in Las Vegas anymore, at least not for the past eight years. The last time it graced the casino floors was at Mandalay Bay, but since then, it seems to have disappeared from the scene.

Criss Cross Poker has been featured at three different locations in Las Vegas, none of which had a duration of more than a year. This game was played at Planet Hollywood, Linq, and most recently, it made its debut at the Strat.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino game that can still be enjoyed at select establishments on the East Coast. The Venetian and Palazzo were among the last casinos to offer this exciting game. However, due to the temporary closure caused by the pandemic in March 2020, Caribbean Stud Poker was unfortunately removed from their offerings. As I conversed with a supervisor at Sands, I learned that the primary participants in this game hailed from Asia.

Caribbean Stud Poker vanished without a trace, never to grace the tables again. The assumption was made that since there were no flights accessible for these eager tourists, the interest in the game would be non-existent. The decision to bring it back would be reviewed at a later date.

I remember encountering sic bo, a table game not commonly found in Las Vegas, during my visit to the East Coast. Back in 2017, I had the opportunity to play it at Venetian, and the year prior, in 2016, Circus Circus also had it available. Interestingly, Palazzo offers a video version of sic bo, but it's important to note that it's not the authentic game. Instead, it incorporates a slot feature that includes multipliers.