Presenting the exclusive Membership options.

Today marks the special occasion of reaching its fifth anniversary. On this very day, back in April 20, 2018, this very website was launched, accompanied by a blog post that set the tone for what was to come. It seems only fitting, then, that on this momentous day, I announce a fresh and innovative approach to continue our Las Vegas Table Game Survey.

It took us weeks to conduct an extensive survey by driving around the vibrant city of Las Vegas, meticulously gathering data. Then, we dedicated additional weeks to meticulously assemble the gathered information in order to present it to you in a comprehensive publication. However, we understand that these processes have caused some delays in delivering the content to you. That being said, we have proactively devised a solution to address this issue.

We are launching a subscription-based platform that offers a series of surveys, continuously updated throughout the year rather than all at once.

Our casino-specific pages will receive updates as well. Instead of publishing content related to our data directly on the blog, we have decided to move it to our subscription service. This change ensures that our subscribers have exclusive access to this valuable information. However, after 30 days, we will make these posts available to everyone by posting them here on the blog.

Details of the subscription

There exist four options for monthly plans.

  • Earn $3 for Participating in a Survey and Gain Early Access: Receive a minimum of three distinct articles along with the opportunity to explore our comprehensive blackjack and table surveys categorized by games.
  • Discover the $3 Casino Club: Uncover blackjack and table game evaluations categorized by casino, ensuring that you have access to a minimum of four revised casino profiles on a monthly basis.
  • $5 Total Access Club: Two $3 bundles.
  • $25 Super Fan: This VIP bundle comes with all the $5 perks, a gift delivered every three months, and personalized support to address any queries you have about Las Vegas.

Starting from today until Sunday, April 30, we have an exciting opportunity for you. For a limited time, we are providing a complimentary seven-day trial of this remarkable service. As a member of the Casino Club, you will gain immediate entry into comprehensive casino profile pages. These pages encompass not only the renowned Las Vegas Strip but also the vibrant Downtown area and beloved off-Strip and local casinos. Moreover, we have just updated four striking profiles of prominent Las Vegas Strip casinos.

In the next month, we will be updating at least four casinos for our devoted members of the Total Access Club and Super Fan. With their $3 subscriptions, these loyal individuals will gain instant access to a wealth of information from both sources. Furthermore, we have exciting news to share as we plan to expand our content by adding at least three more informative articles. Rest assured, our members will be well-informed and fully equipped to make the most out of their Vegas experience.