A comprehensive assortment of Joker Poker coins featuring all possible combinations of Five of a Kinds and Royal Flushes.

Plaza Joker Poker PaytableJoker Poker Paytable displayed at the plaza

I have a particular interest in indulging in the delightful pastime of playing Joker Poker with full pay. My journey into this captivating game initially commenced with the coin-operated machines at the renowned Las Vegas Club. To my delight, the establishment boasted an impressive collection of seven quarter machines and two half-dollar ones. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the games were subsequently relocated to the Plaza when the Las Vegas Club officially closed its doors. Despite this transition, the Plaza continued to offer the thrilling experience of Joker Poker, albeit with a slight alteration in the machine selection. Three quarter machines and a solitary half-dollar machine were made available to avid enthusiasts like myself, allowing us to revel in the exhilarating gameplay. As fate would have it, through a stroke of good fortune, I emerged triumphant in an October promotion and secured ownership of the cherished quarter machine that now graces several of the captivating pictures you will come across.

It took me seven years to complete the set of all 13, even though I have hit hundreds of five of a kinds on the games. Oddly enough, the holdout for two years was aces, which should have been the easiest one to make.

I spent a whole decade meticulously collecting every single natural royal flush in existence. Achieving this feat required a journey to El Cortez, where I stumbled upon a peculiar $1 joker machine that surprisingly didn't look as hideous as its name suggested. It was there, amidst the vibrant atmosphere, that I finally managed to capture the elusive hearts, marking my 13th successful attempt at a Joker Poker coin natural royal flush. The remaining visuals presented here were captured during separate visits to either Las Vegas Club or Plaza, adding to the diversity of my remarkable collection.

The strangest hand I ever had was when I was dealt five sixes. Back in the day, having five of a kind didn't qualify for a hand pay on quarter machines. However, this particular hand was different. It rewarded me with 1,000 quarters! I initially held three sixes and managed to catch the remaining two on the draw. The hopper dispensed a total of 666 coins before it had to be refilled in order to complete the payout.


Let me present you with the rest of the entire collection. To kick things off, I'll begin with the majestic flushes fit for royalty. Kindly take note that the exquisite diamond flush was fortuitously dealt to yours truly. As for the splendid spade flush, it was graciously obtained with a mere ace without any additional assistance.

I've never experienced anything quite like this on the game—being dealt five of a kind! It's truly remarkable. And it wasn't just any five of a kind, it was the combination of deuces and nines, which I managed to catch on a complete redraw. Let me tell you, it felt like a stroke of luck that I'll never forget. Now, I've played this game many times before, but this was a first for me. The sheer rarity of such a hand is mind-boggling. It goes to show that sometimes, in the realm of gambling, the unexpected can happen, and it's moments like these that keep us coming back for more.