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Las Vegas visitation is on the decline, and it's not a secret. According to resort companies, the slow convention business season and the absence of major events are the primary reasons behind this trend. However, customers have also pointed out that the imposition of parking and resort fees has negatively impacted their perception of Las Vegas. These additional charges are putting a strain on the city's image and deterring potential visitors.

Las Vegas resorts are faced with the challenge of filling their hotel rooms, as vacant ones do not contribute to generating revenue. In order to overcome this situation, companies have the opportunity to take calculated risks and enhance their promotional strategies to target customers who may not have qualified for such offers during periods of higher occupancy. Whether due to a fluctuating economy or other factors, the need to maximize hotel occupancy remains a top priority for these resorts.

In recent months, I've observed a noticeable uptick in the assertiveness of the promotions I receive from Caesars Entertainment. Surprisingly, I now have complimentary accommodations at The Cromwell, a perk that had previously eluded me. Interestingly, it seems that other patrons of Caesars Entertainment are also receiving offers of a similar magnitude. It's intriguing to witness this parallelism in the level of incentives extended by the company.

I've always appreciated the approach taken by Total Rewards, which is Caesars' players club. Unlike other programs that focus on immediate rewards like redeemable points for food, Total Rewards takes a different approach. It prioritizes marketing efforts to encourage players to return for future visits. I think this strategy is particularly effective for a casino that caters to tourists, as opposed to local establishments that mainly emphasize higher cash back incentives and offer little else.

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Creating your Caesars account is a breeze if you don't already have one. You won't always receive offers in the mail or via email, but don't worry - they're readily accessible once you log into your account.

Upon successfully accessing your account, you will be able to view your most recent offers. All of your offers can be accessed with just one click. It is important to note that there are alternative methods to receive complimentary rewards from the Total Rewards program.

If the offers you see don't catch your interest, you can give it a shot by reserving a room at your desired location using the 'book rooms' option. It's possible that you might come across special deals or complimentary accommodations that aren't visible in the offers section.

If you're curious about whether you can get some great deals, you can test it out by following these steps. First, open Total Rewards in an incognito tab, and then proceed to book the same room you're interested in. By doing this, you'll be able to see the standard retail rate that applies to individuals who either don't have a Total Rewards account or haven't played enough to qualify for a discount.

In my humble opinion, unless you have superior alternatives offered by rival establishments, I believe it is still advantageous to accept the offer, even if you are not a Diamond or Seven Stars member. It is important to note that in certain markets like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, where resort fees are applicable, you will still be required to pay this fee, even if your room is complimentary. However, considering the fact that you are securing a hotel room with a renowned chain in a popular tourist destination, valued at approximately $40, it remains a worthwhile proposition.

When it comes to selecting the optimal room tier from my available options, I frequently find myself facing a dilemma. However, I have discovered a useful technique that helps me secure the most desirable one. My strategy involves attempting to make the reservation in an incognito tab, which allows me to identify rooms that are offered free of charge. Once I have located these rooms, the next step is to compare the rates associated with each. In most cases, I opt for the room with the highest retail rate, as it is a logical assumption that this particular room represents the best option available to me at no cost.

Make sure to engage in recreational activities or allocate funds for leisurely pursuits.

If you want to completely ruin your chances of receiving any future comps, one surefire way is to avoid playing any games or participating in any activities during your stay. The whole purpose of being offered a complimentary room is to entice you to spend money at the property. It's not solely about gambling either. Nowadays, Total Rewards keeps tabs on all of your expenses while you're on the premises. You can swipe your card at bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues to contribute to your overall account rating.

If one were to heed the siren call of a complimentary hotel stay generously proffered by a casino, yet abstain from partaking in any monetary indulgences within its hallowed halls, it would be wise to temper one's expectations regarding future rewards or perquisites. Nevertheless, there exists a flicker of hope that such unfavorable circumstances can be rectified by engaging in subsequent visits with fervor and purpose. Alas, this audacious endeavor is akin to gambling with one's fate, as the odds of success remain perilously uncertain.

What about MLife?

In my opinion, when it comes to complimentary benefits, I find Total Rewards to be more beneficial than MLife. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any recent personal experiences regarding MGM's program. Interestingly, there are players who disagree with my viewpoint and choose to participate in MGM properties under MLife. I have come across reports from these customers that suggest MLife also offers similar levels of generosity. It is always worth logging into MLife to discover what surprises may be in store for you, even if you haven't received any direct correspondence.