Trip Reports

Wildfire on Fremont entrance

Trip Report: Exciting Fremont Casino Opening marred by Devastating Wildfire.

Wildfire on Fremont, a new establishment, officially began operations on February 10, 2023. My companions and I decided to explore the venue during the twilight hours. I have prepared a comprehensive account of our experience, which includes an overview of the trip and a guide on the various casino games available.

Exploration Overview: Bourbon Street Sports Bar

Bourbon Street Sports Bar presents a variety of distinctive pub games and a dedicated sports lounge, all under the ownership of Dotty's. The assortment of games available at both establishments remains unchanged and offers a consistent experience.

Circus Circus

Exploration Summary: Circus Circus Adventuredome Excursion

This week, my friend Kristina and I had a blast exploring Adventuredome at Circus Circus. Join me as I share some exciting updates about the casino in this trip report.

Rampart Casino

Four Latest Travel Experiences

During this time, our attention has been devoted to spending quality time with our loved ones, handling our other online platforms, and unfortunately, facing the hindrances caused by the global pandemic. Presented below are some travel accounts encompassing...

Rampart Casino

Experience at Rampart: Playing Craps, Blackjack, and Enjoying Earl Grey Café

During the Thanksgiving week, my son and I had the opportunity to explore Rampart on two occasions. We indulged in exciting games like craps and double deck blackjack, and also enjoyed a delicious meal at the café. Here is our detailed account of the trip.

Plaza Casino

Kristina's Report on Her Memorable 40th Birthday Journey

Kristina celebrated her 40th birthday just a few days ago. The preparations for her party were a lengthy process that spanned several weeks. We decided to host the event right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Aquarius Wilkinson, our gracious host from Plaza, played a crucial role in assisting us with all the arrangements.

Video poker bar in Dawg House at Resorts World

Discover an extensive guide to Resorts World Casino.

Embarking on our journey, we arrived at Resorts World at approximately 10am on Friday, June 25th, just after its exhilarating grand unveiling the night before.

Fremont Street Experience, Circa

Urban Core Weekday Excursion Log

Residing in Las Vegas ensures frequent encounters with friends from different cities due to its popularity as a tourist mecca.