Planet Hollywood

The closure of Planet Hollywood Poker Room

According to various sources, the poker room at Planet Hollywood, which consists of 10 tables, is scheduled to conclude operations on July 11, 2021. This information was initially disclosed...

Excalibur poker

Current Situation of Shut Down Poker Rooms in Las Vegas

In March, prior to the closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas had a total of 31 poker rooms. Out of these, only 14 have managed to reopen since then. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the remaining 17 poker rooms.

Electronic poker tables are not a suitable solution.

Numerous suggestions are circulating regarding the discovery of a viable approach for poker rooms to function amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This encompasses playing with fewer players at the table,…

Sahara poker room

The Future and Beyond: A Glimpse into the Evolution of Las Vegas Poker

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has issued guidelines instructing casinos on maintaining a clean and secure environment amid the COVID-19 outbreak, ensuring utmost hygiene and safety measures are followed. This includes implementing restrictions...

Sahara Las Vegas welcomes the revival of live poker games.

After a lengthy nine-year gap, Sahara Las Vegas has reintroduced a vibrant poker room, marking its grand reopening on February 14th at 10am.

Strat poker room

The Poker Room at The Strat is now closed.

The Stratosphere's poker room, now called The Strat, shut down on October 18th, marking the end of its recent relocation from the lower floor.

Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Unlocking the Secrets of Rio's WSOP Gambling Scene

Each summer, a multitude of poker enthusiasts flock to Las Vegas' Rio for the chance to win a coveted World Series of Poker bracelet. Numerous individuals find delight in...

Arizona Charlie's Decatur Poker Room Shuts Down

In a repeat occurrence this week, another poker room in Las Vegas has come to an end. On Thursday evening, Arizona Charlie's Decatur made the decision to permanently shut down its poker room, leaving the poker community surprised.

Treasure Island Poker Room Closes Down Unexpectedly

Treasure Island's poker room shut down on Monday evening, after years of struggling to attract players. The seven-table room, previously situated near the...